Why no in sales doesn’t mean no forever

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Why no in sales doesn’t mean no forever

Why no in sales doesn’t mean no forever

The word ‘No’ is something none of us making sales wants to hear, but unfortunately it is one word that is part and parcel of our daily working life.


We all know that making sales is a numbers game and you won’t win them all, but sometimes hearing ‘No’ can get us down, especially when we have high hopes.


However, the good salesperson doesn’t always take no for an answer and that doesn’t mean being pushy.


No can mean many things and it depends on who the No is coming from.


No can imply that someone doesn’t want to listen right now, they may not have the authority or it can sometimes be that they may do another day. Of course, it can really mean No as well, which means the prospect isn’t going to buy from you until hell freezes over!


However, the most successful sales experts have the fortitude and resilience to handle rejection lightly and move on to the next prospect. They also have the ability to work out what kind of a No they are getting and who it’s from.


These top performers probe. They ask the questions about why they don’t want to buy right now and the whole thought process. They keep the decision makers on the radar and given time – many a No can turn into a Yes.


Too many people take rejection to heart and that’s just plain wrong because in business rejection is seldom personal.

So next time you go into a situation where rejection is a possibility, remember that if someone says “No” it’s not that they don’t like you. They are simply rejecting your product or service. If you have the self-esteem to believe in yourself, you will not feel personally rejected. This is one of the key reason 80% of sales leads are never followed up.


Just clear your mind of any negativity and remember people can reject your idea, product or service for any number of reasons, but they cannot reject you permanently unless you choose to let them.


Many times a No is a prospect just redefining the question into: “Show me the evidence to say Yes.”


Thinking of it this way makes all of us better sales people.


Business and sales require us to be brave and build mental resilience and the sooner we all disarm the corrosive power of the word ‘No’ the sooner we can all flourish.



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