Why it’s ok for small business leaders to ask for help

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Why it’s ok for small business leaders to ask for help

Why it’s ok for small business leaders to ask for help

Starting or running a small business can be a challenge – it is a sign of strength to be able to ask for help when you need it.
There are obstacles galore on what is ultimately an exciting but hurdled filled journey, and despite it being one of the greatest decisions an individual can make, there are still too many who don’t take it seriously enough.

Too many new start-ups and small businesses fail because of an unwillingness to talk to others, and educate themselves about business despite there being plenty of enthusiastic help out there.
It’s frustrating as up to half of all start-ups eventually go out of business within five years and they do so unnecessarily because some business owners don’t get, what we call, the business therapy they need.

Start-ups should be brave and ask for advice from those who been in business for many years and have the experience. It is the one piece of advice all start-ups need to know, because it is so vital.
Even when a business is establishing itself it needs to grow and make sales and this will involve a steep learning curve as every business person will tell you.

Whatever your business issue, be it sales, marketing or anything else we are fortunate that we live in an era where so much information is freely available, but ultimately small business owners need to get is a balance of confidence and humility. They need to seek as much advice as they can and do all that is possible to keep believing in themselves and their business.

There can also be a tendency for some business owners to isolate themselves as they embark on their venture and this should be avoided at all costs. Humans are social creatures and we need to bounce ideas off others. Getting out and meeting people and finding business confidantes who will help you and share their wisdom is vital.

Most people like to talk about their journey in business and those who survive and prosper will be honest enough to tell you of the good and bad times and the mistakes they made as well as those great nuggets that will fast track you to success.

We all make mistakes in business, but if you can learn to avoid them and learn from those who have gone before you, then it really can help. There are lots of business networking opportunities out there and plenty of good people willing to share advice.

Business and making sales is the lifeblood of UK business. We in the business community are all in it together and a bit of therapy on our exciting journeys to success is good for everyone.


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