Why is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Important to Your Business?

Why is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Important to Your Business?

Having a good system for anything is highly recommended. It makes life so much easier in nearly all cases. This is especially true in business and good systems and processes will have a direct impact on your profit.

When you hear about CRM, it’s usually in reference to CRM software, a tool that’s used for contact management, sales management, productivity, and much more. CRM software takes processes online and automates tasks. The idea is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer relationship management.

Not using your CRM as much as you could? Not using one at all yet? Read on… let’s show you the power of CRM.

Why is CRM important?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is actually about more than just your customers. Keeping in contact with your customer base and those all-important leads and pipeline tasks is a powerful element of your CRM system, but it’s actually about all the people connected with your business.

You have a team, staff, leads, enquiries, associates, sponsors, suppliers and customers. All of those people are a part of your business ecosystem and keeping in contact with all of them and recording your conversations is at the heart of strong communication and positive relationships.

Relationship Management (RM) allows this and CRM software will give you the tools to manage all of the conversations and relationships that your business has at any one time.

Growing relationships leads to growing profits

Forging good relationships and keeping track of prospects and customers is crucial to business. This is exactly what a CRM tool does. Without the combination of those essential touch points – meetings, emails, calls, and social media messages – it would be a lot harder to win business.

CRM software will help you to not only remember where you are with 1000s of prospects, customers, and suppliers, it will also remind you when it’s time you gave them a nudge or sent that quick email.

Everything in one place

With a CRM system, you’ll be able to see everything in one place. A good CRM dashboard will give you an overview of your tasks, recent conversations, and show you what’s on your plate, as well as what’s on your team’s plates.

It’s your business sales dashboard, so it’s where you can see where you are at any given moment, as well as client history, order status, and any outstanding issues that need attention.

How could you run a business without a CRM system?

It’s still possible. We’ve seen companies still using spreadsheets. But it’s a lot tougher that way. To extract and use the data in a simple way isn’t easy and often stops team members ever doing it.

You can’t set tasks on a spreadsheet. You can’t really record emails, track social media, upload PDFs of proposals… you get the picture.

A paper diary? Sure, when you’re a sole trader without ambition to grow. Paper isn’t a fool proof way to run a business, and it won’t help you with a remote team, either.

A white board? Sure, that could work… until you get busy. What’s the plan then? Rent a bigger office for more whiteboards?

Trello? Project management tools? This sort of software is OK for managing clients and your team, but it’s not a CRM tool and it’s not going to have all the functions that make a CRM tool so useful.

It’s all possible… it’s just… harder.

We’re all on board?

Gartner predicted in June 2019 that by 2021, CRM technology will be the single largest revenue area in software. That’s pretty huge and it shows the groundswell for CRM software in the business space.

Even small and micro businesses can benefit from a CRM system. Far beyond the complicated systems and structures of a large corporate, a micro business will have loads of conversations on social media and out at business networking events that will need to be registered and followed up.

A CRM system should be the beating heart of your business. If you don’t have one, your competition probably will, and we know that that will give them the edge!

If your business is going to survive, then you need a strategy to build and grow

A CRM tool will form a very important part of that. Using a tool like SalesRadar will give you not only the overview and details of your conversations, but the nudge to keep pushing for that sale, reminding your team of their objectives, and reaching out to people you’ve not contacted recently.

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