Wanting to Follow Up Isn’t Enough…

Wanting to Follow Up Isn’t Enough…

Wanting to Follow Up Isn’t Enough…

Most business owners and marketers know that “the money is in the follow-up”. They’re aware you need to keep in contact with people you meet at networking events or those who enquire about your business.


Most people know that.


Most people also know that you can’t just follow up once or twice; they know it takes multiple times and different channels.


Most understand that.


Most businesses spend time bringing in new leads and try to grow their sales as they know that’s key to constantly growing a business.


Most get it right…


But they don’t all follow up. Even though they know that they need to. Many simply forget to follow up, email their contacts, make those calls, and they may simply feel they’re too busy. They probably feel that with work and bringing in new leads they don’t have time to follow up consistently and passively with the current leads.


Even though they know they should and they have every intention of doing it… most don’t.


It’s not their fault though; they’re only human.


The brain simply isn’t built to remember so many little things, and that’s why computers were created. Computers can store and recall loads of data after a simple search. Although they’re not as emotionally intelligent as humans, they’re a big help when it comes to following up.


We kept forgetting to do things for people…


It’s why SalesRadar exists. We knew we needed to complete tasks and follow up on work with our clients. We built SalesRadar as the system we had didn’t do quite what we needed.


We built SalesRadar to help us win more business. Here’s how it can help you…



Reminds you to follow up


The key part of a CRM that affects your productivity are the reminders. Adding reminders to your clients and leads will ensure you’re right on top of as many leads as you can handle and generate.


You could follow up with 100 people who are all at different stages by using a CRM. Because you know exactly where they are in your funnel and how many times you’ve followed up and what you did when you followed up, you’re able to follow up more effectively.


This is powerful and it’s at the heart of any good lead generation and nurture system.



Help you track who you contacted and who contacted them


If you’re in a team then SalesRadar really helps you spread the workload whilst still working in a joined-up way. You don’t have to assign just one salesperson to do all the follow-ups. You can have many people all working on the same leads but sharing what and when they communicated with them.


Let’s say you have a lead for Sarah Smith. She’s interested in working with you.


  • You meet at a networking meeting.


Sarah shows some interest so you promise to send her some more information. You scan her business card with the app and add her into an audience to start moving her towards the sale. You add a task to her profile to send her some more information.


  • Jimmy on your team follows up next.


Jimmy works remotely. You catch up regularly but for the majority of the time Jimmy works on your sales leads without talking to you first. When he logs into SalesRadar to follow up with Sarah, he spots that you met at an event and that you promised to send her some info, but haven’t completed the task.


Jimmy drops you an email, you realise you’ve forgotten, and then Jimmy takes over and sends an email to Sarah to follow up.


  • Jimmy updates the CRM.


Now, because he’s not in your office and because you’re likely to forget (again), Jimmy will write a note on Sarah’s profile about their call and the email he sent, and he will move on to the next lead. He’s left a trail, so if you contact her next time you know where you are.


In Sarah’s profile you’ve also listed her favourite music as she mentioned it when you met. You might well be able to use that information for a more personal follow-up next time, as will Jimmy if he takes over. Maybe you send her a link to the latest tour dates, or a Facebook fan Page.



A CRM gives you a true view of where your leads are, who they are, and where your lost and potential sales are…


Having all your leads in one place with a recorded history of when you met or contacted them, and where you are with your sales and marketing to them, really keeps you on track with not just one person – but all of them!


Managing 100s of relationships and remembering all their names, habits and requests, and then making sure you follow up in a timely manner is simply too much for your brain. It wasn’t designed to do that! SalesRadar is.


Most people know that you need to follow up 10, 11, 12 or more times to get your sale. Most people want to follow up like a Jedi. Most businesses owners really do see the value in nurturing leads, but they simply can’t do it all and they forget, as they’re only human.


A CRM makes you superhuman. You’re so much more on it and super intelligent with your leads than you are without one.


A CRM with a good system that you log in and use with your team gives you the leading edge. We should know; it’s really helped us.


Don’t miss out on sales. Stop losing leads. Follow up like a Jedi!


Get a CRM into place in your business and please do give us a shout if you need help.



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