Do You Want to Predict the Future of Your Business?

Do You Want to Predict the Future of Your Business?

Do You Want to Predict the Future of Your Business?

Ever sat at your computer and wished you had a crystal ball?


Wouldn’t life and business be so much easier if you knew what was coming up? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to predict the future?


(Well maybe not all of it – but what about those parts of your business that so much blind faith is applied to?)


We’re convinced you can predict a lot of what will happen in your business, and that having a solid system will really help you to do that.


It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and here’s why…



Predicting sales is easier than you think


If you’re using a sales funnel you can see trends and patterns, and predict how long a customer will take to convert. You’ll also know roughly how long they stay so you’ll know the lifetime value of that customer.


If you’re pushing your leads through a proven sales funnel then you’ll soon be able to see all this data and know exactly where to go to get more business.



Applying marketing that works


With a good solid sales funnel you’ll also be able to dig deep and see where your leads convert, and more importantly – why! Is your social media effective? Do most of your leads come from networking? Maybe talks at expos are where your potential clients lie in waiting?


Without a good system you’ll have to go on your gut, on your thoughts and feelings, and although they’re a great tool in your business (and life) your data can really help back it up.


Just imagine if you knew right now exactly which one of your marketing streams was working the best. Just imagine it. Now what would you do? More of it, right? And you’d be predicting the successful outcome in the process.



Increase your conversion


With a CRM or sale funnel you’ll increase your conversion. It’s simple. Putting in place a process of touch points and follow ups, as well as checking in on current clients and customers more regularly, will increase your conversions AND your sales.


So much business is lost by simply not following up. How many times have you expressed an interest in a product and then not heard back from that company? Makes you feel unimportant, right? And you’d have probably bought from them if they’d tried harder. Don’t do that to your customers…



Be more competitive


It seems illogical to us, but 68% of companies haven’t mapped out their sales process. 68% of companies are not predicting the future of their sales. Not only that, those 68% of companies also don’t have a structured follow-up either.


Just think, if you had one, how much more competitive would you be? How much more business would you win over your competition who probably haven’t mapped it all out. Food for thought – and something you really should look into if you haven’t already!



80% of sales leads need 5 follow ups to convert


The whole 80/20 concept applies to life and business too. 80% of sales leads will need five follow-ups from you to convert them. You’ll get the initial interest but then you need to work at them. And that doesn’t mean spamming their inbox!


We recently shared a 120-day follow-up system and you can get that right here.


It helpfully walks you through a follow up process that adds value, nurtures and grows your prospects, and helps them to get closer to saying yes.


80% of them will need 5 asks to convert. A system will help you remember to do it.



92% give up after 4 follow ups!


Here’s the kicker – only 8% will make it to the 5th time. What a loss for the 92%, but what a gain for the 8%! We’re certain that most of your competition aren’t following up very extensively or purposefully. If you do, you’ll win more business.


It’s not about aggressive sales or cold calling. Your target audience need the value you offer in terms of your goods or services, so you’re helping them.


This is about meeting people, gaining enquiries, gathering leads and then taking them on a journey with you until they’re ready to buy. Some will convert earlier than others, and some might only come back after years, but if you’re not following up then most will simply forget you.


92% of your competition in business don’t make it. Will you?



Predicting the future of your business is quite simple really; it’s all in the stats


Map out your sales process, put a solid follow-up system in place, and then use it to convert and track, as well as improve your marketing for new leads.


Sound too good to be true?


SalesRadar can help you to do this. Not only can we help you map it out at our SalesRadar Academy but we can give you the very system you need to track it all and remind you to be in the 8% who reach 5th base!


Stop guessing, and start predicting. It’s a proven way to grow your business.


Is creating and converting your ideal customer a challenge?

Book a session at the SalesRadar Academy now!



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