Sat Waiting for Business to Come in? Those Leads Won’t Convert Themselves You Know

Sat Waiting for Business to Come in? Those Leads Won’t Convert Themselves You Know

Sat Waiting for Business to Come in? Those Leads Won’t Convert Themselves You Know

In the age of digital, you could be forgiven for thinking and believing that business will just come your way. Everything seems to come in an instant, and as our attention spans and patience starts to shrink, so does the effort we’re required to put into making things happen.


But there’s the problem, for your sales. You now need to work harder to secure that new business. You need to drive through the noise and make your company oh-so-easy to buy from.


Gaining leads is just one part of the challenge in sales. Converting them is where the real work goes in.


What if converting leads could be made more obvious? Well, in this digital world it would make sense to use online technology to help us, and here’s how.


Get organised, get a CRM


A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is a must for your business if you need to convert leads into sales (who doesn’t?). Keeping track of all the conversations, emails, phone calls, web enquiries and networking conversations is almost impossible for the human brain.


Using a tool like Sales Radar, you can gather all the relevant information about a new lead or prospect and then track and store all the conversations you have with them. Not only that, you can set tasks like follow-ups and meetings right in their profile.


At any point in time, you (or a member of your team) can see at what stage a lead is in your sale pipeline and what you need to do next (and what you said or did last time).


Get a system in place


“Computers are magnificent tools for the realisation of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding.”


  • Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.


Setting up your CRM well is where the magic happens though. No matter how great a CRM is, you need to put in the time to set up a system that works for you and for your leads.


Not one business can get away from the fact that business is done between people. Those emotional buying decisions sure do play havoc with binary code! So, set up a process that you can then program your CRM to remind you to follow.


Here’s a simple set of steps that you may want to follow when you acquire a new lead. You can adjust the order as you see fit.


Call them


Shock horror! In 2017 it’s perfectly OK to pick up the phone, and emails are fairly forgettable.


As Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies, reminds us, “Remember how this morning you “filed” a load of Emails without reading them because your inbox has become so full? Don’t become one of those Emails. Pick up the ‘phone and have an actual conversation, they rock.”


Picking up the phone and talking to your leads should be fairly high on your follow-up agenda. Set a reminder in your CRM to call your leads and see if you can help them or how they wish to move forward after your last conversation.


If you’ve tracked all the conversations and interaction in your CRM, then you’ll be well positioned to do this.


Email them


Yes, it’s still OK to email them. Maybe send them a copy of your latest blog that follows on from your last chat perfectly. You might want to simply remind them of the conversation you had at a networking meeting. Whatever you send them, make sure you tailor it and make it personal. We’re dealing with a human at the end of that email, remember.


Add them to Twitter and LinkedIn


Social media gives us some great information to help us without following up and harvesting leads. Not only can you see what they’ve been sharing, but you can also have fairly relaxed conversations with your prospects in between phone calls and emails.


Add your hot prospects to a Twitter list and tag them as a prospect in LinkedIn. Keeping your eye on them and giving them a special focus will really accelerate those relationships and hopefully convert them into business.


Send them some useful content


‘Lumpy mail’ is making something of a name for itself. Getting a parcel in the post is exciting, even when you’ve ordered something for yourself online. But imagine how exciting it is to receive a package addressed to you out of the blue.


Sending lumpy mail can be a really good stage in your sales funnel. Maybe you have some great merchandise that will simply remind your leads you exist. A notepad and pen are simple but effective.


What about flowers or cakes? Or a present to the head buyer on their birthday? Lumpy mail can have a really positive effect on your sales funnel. How could you use it?


Arrange a second meeting


“Fancy a coffee?” Getting in front of them is by far your best chance to convert them. Arranging a second meeting, taking them for lunch, or simply arranging to pop into their office could be the deciding factor for your lead to convert.



Ask to add them to your mailing list (but don’t spam them)


With GDPR looming, you’ll need to be very careful how you add your prospects to your mailing list. Adding them though will keep them up to date with you… so long as you don’t spam them.


Email marketing should be more focused on relationship building than selling. Send out great content, useful tips and advice. All this will prove you know your onions but also help you keep in contact, on mass, from afar!


Email marketing should avoid the generic ‘newsletter’ and be more content-driven. Think about how your lead will feel when they receive your email. Impress and wow them, don’t spam them.


Put it all into SalesRadar


SalesRadar makes it quick and simple to add these steps into your sales funnel. Create a process, apply it to each and every lead you generate and start harvesting those leads into sales.


SalesRadar will even find the information on their social media phone numbers and email addresses too. Use all the engagements with relationships in mind though. It can be a slippery slope to automate all this and then forget that you’re speaking to another human.



Those leads won’t turn into business overnight…


Spending time on your lead harvesting process and then following it diligently will reap rewards in the future. You’ll need between 5-12 touchpoints to convert a lead, so keep on working at them and get a system like SalesRadar in place to help you.


It’s OK to forget to follow up and speak to your sales funnel. It’s not OK to be without a system to remind you.


Business doesn’t come to those who sit and wait.


Find prospects and track leads with SalesRadar. Simple and easy to use cloud based prospect finder and sales pipeline management software

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