Turn Your Business into a Honey Pot

Attracting new interest and leads to your sales funnel should be high on your marketing focus. If it’s not, then you’ll soon find your customer base dwindling.


A sales funnel can include many things, but effectively it’s where your leads and enquiries come and what you do to ensure they keep popping into your inbox or calling you on the phone.


Sales funnels are essential, and even if you rely on word of mouth, you still have a sales funnel. You don’t have to have some over-complicated marketing plan.


The great thing about a marketing and sales funnel is that you’ll be less likely to have to cold call and go out asking for the business of people who don’t know you, need you or care (that’s really hurtful and not fun at all!).


But an empty sales funnel isn’t much use, so let’s look at some tried and tested ways to fill your sales funnel.




Talking to strangers! Yes, afraid so, but it’s not that bad in our experience. Steven, one of our co-founders, is a serial networker. From BOB club to 4Networking and many of them in between, Steven is a big advocate of networking events.


Talking and meeting strangers over breakfast (or at other times of the day) can be really good for your leads and sales enquiries… but there are a few catches.


Networking isn’t about sales and it takes time. You will find people at networking who will be great for your funnel though, so don’t worry. Here are some great tips from Steven based on his years of networking:


  • Ask them about their business when you meet. It makes them feel great and you’ll be able to spot areas you can help with. This doesn’t have to be your business either. Simply referring others is a good part of networking
  • Referring others. When you go networking and ask them about their business you’ll be able to refer them to others and vice versa. This might seem counter-intuitive but we’ve built a lot of trust and returning referrals based on being a useful networker
  • Take the speaking slot. Speaking about your business or offering tips and advice is a great way to gain trust at networking meetings
  • Follow up! Please. Don’t go and forget the part after the meeting that drives the sales and enquiries and builds that all-important relationship. More tips on follow-ups can be found right here.


Free content

Yes, free content. Think about this for a while. When do you buy something without researching it first? When do you grab something from the internet without some due diligence in the reviews? When did you last get sold to on the first time of asking?


Rare, right?


With your content, your free content, you can help your prospects decide whether they want what you have or need what you do from afar, nice and gently, privately building trust through great content.


Content from your business should show that you know what you’re doing and that your products are worth the purchase. Building trust in sales can be done from afar with content.


Some content ideas:


  • Blogs like this. This blog is free content. You haven’t paid to read this. It’s showing you that we have an understanding of sales funnels and that we also know the importance of them. You can learn from afar, and hopefully if you like what we have to say you’ll keep us in mind in the future or subscribe to our emails.
  • Email marketing. Emails with great content like the blogs or articles you find online are a great way to keep your leads interested without selling. We often check out a company based on their content that we read or use.
  • One step further from a blog is an eBook. Think of them as large blogs on PDFs and you’re on the right path. Offer them for free to gain some fans, but make sure you brand them up and really go for it with the value you share.
  • Publish a book. Yes, you can write a book. We’re certain you’ve probably already written one with all the emails you sent last month. Just imagine how many words you typed! Wow. Publishing a book isn’t as hard as you might imagine, and there are actually people who can do it for you. Then, with a great book on Amazon you have a brilliant ‘lead magnet’ to attract people from shows, networking and your website. It’ll add a heap of authority and trust, too!


Social media

Social media is a great place to hang out and meet people. You can share great content, tips and advice, but you can also let people get to know you. Sharing your team, your journey and your business allows your potential audience to find you and get to know you.


There’s a lot you can do with social media, but here are a few ideas from us:


  • Live video! Yes, that’s a scary thought, isn’t it? But live video is now so accessible and free you’d be mad not to use it. Just as with networking, when your audience are able to see and hear you, they’ll build a stronger relationship and greater trust with you. Share some new products or, even better, some hacks and advice on the very thing that you do. It’ll help people ‘review’ you and learn more about you. The best bit: most companies are still not using it!
  • Sponsored ads on Facebook. Gaining a new audience has never been so targeted and financially simple. Facebook ads allow you to have access to all the behavioural activity of its huge database and target them with content. Get yourself a really good customer avatar and target the people who you want to attract. One great tip here is to do this with free content like an eBook or blogs, as it’ll build trust over trying to sell to cold leads.
  • Connections on LinkedIn. Business networking and exhibitions are a great place to meet people, but you’ll need to keep talking to them after the event. LinkedIn is a superb place to put all these people. Add them to LinkedIn with a personal message and make sure you’re posting great content, and you’ll have a ready-made platform to keep your leads engaged until they’re ready to buy from you.



Setting up a stall at a business expo or show is a brilliant move if you’re looking to grow your business and fill your funnel. Remember that at a business show you have a lot of people who are simply interested in their business and looking for help to grow it. Use the show as a way to introduce yourself and then follow up.


Don’t be that company who exhibit and wait for the business!


Here are some ideas for you:


  • Make a bright and vibrant stand with something for the attendees to do. Games and challenges are great or offer a demo of your product if you can.
  • Follow up! Yes, that old chestnut again. Work out what you’ll send to your leads from the show before you get to the show. Build some emails, direct mail or put aside some time for phone calls. Don’t miss your opportunity to build some networks.
  • Stand up! So many times we see people hunched over a smartphone at a stand. Look interested and you’ll attract more people.
  • Capture data. Of course, gain some valuable data from your visitors. Offering free content in exchange for emails and phone numbers is so simple, but look at it as the start of a longer conversation, not a sales pitch.



If you’re looking for sales then you’ll need trust and you’ll gain that with authority. Speaking at events is a brilliant way to do this. Think about it. When you hear someone talking proficiently about their subject, how likely are you to buy what they have if you need it? Pretty likely, right?


Speak up and gain some trust:


  • Build your talk so that your listeners will want to ask you more. It’s OK to give a great talk, but make sure you don’t give it all away!
  • Speak and exhibit! If you’re at the show already then it makes sense to send people to your talk from your stand and vice versa. Think how much impact you could make by being in not one, but two places.
  • Keep it value-led! Don’t sell too much. It’s OK to sell on stage, but don’t go to the talk with 80% of the content geared to selling. You’ll be speaking to folk who have never met you before, so you have to build up some trust, remember…?
  • Practise! Please don’t ‘wing it’ as you’re more likely to make terrible mistakes and forget that your talk isn’t just a talk – it’s the top of your sales funnel for some and midway through for others. Work out what you want and more importantly what your audience want and do that!


Building a honey pot, slowly, passively and purposefully…

And the result? If you keep on adding value to the business world with content, social media, video, talks, help and advice, you’ll soon start to attract people to your business. This can take time and for some it will be longer than others, and some of your leads simply won’t buy from you at all, but that’s OK.


Oh and remember: it’s not about sales until it’s about sales…


Nurture, educate, talk, help, advise and get your sales funnel interested in you and your business and what it can do for them. Going straight for the sales will be sure to turn many of them off. When you have someone interested though, make sure you ask for the sale. You’d be crazy to do all this and then not get the business.


It goes without saying that to do this en masse you’ll need a system like SalesRadar. Following up, sending out content and reminding people you meet that you exist is easier with a system.


You could even build all this advice in this blog into a sales process and add people you meet to an audience so SalesRadar will remind you to do it all. If you need some help with setting that up then please do give us a shout and we’ll have one of the team contact you.



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