To Win That Sale, You Have to Keep Going

To Win That Sale, You Have to Keep Going

The largest and most successful companies in the world still market their products and services.

Facebook run ads on TV. Google remind us about Google ads on partner websites. Coca-Cola spends an estimated $4 Billion on ad spend each year, and Apple run HUGE global keynote events and run ads throughout the year.

Even the big boys advertise, and they know they have to.

To grow, to maintain growth, and sometimes just to survive, you have to advertise, you have to sell, you have to remind people that you exist.

The world has never been more connected, but it’s never been more overwhelming with messages appearing constantly on a multitude of channels.

If the big brands are making sure they’re heard, then you need to make sure you’re heard by your target audience, too.

This spans across all areas:

  • Marketing
  • Follow-up
  • Sales
  • Re-marketing
  • Keeping in touch

No area in your sales funnel can be left alone to die. And no area in particular needs more or less attention.

To get those sales you have to keep going, to maintain those sales you have to keep going, and to grow those sales… you have to keep going!

“When is the next DFS sale? And when does it end?”

This is a daft question you’ve probably heard over and over again, but DFS win hands down on the brand consistency and the constant message that if you want a great deal on a sofa, you go to DFS!

Your business needs to keep going, too…

Five areas to keep pushing on with in 2019


Even when times are good, you must keep marketing to stop the feast and famine trap!

We see this a lot and we’ve been guilty of it too in the past. When things are good, it’s very easy to step off the accelerator pedal and relax. We get it, marketing is tough and it can seem fruitless at times. With most marketing falling into brand awareness and ‘noise’ it can seem pointless at times, too.

But becoming too busy to market your business is a trap you need to avoid. What would happen if you stopped marketing? What would happen if the big brands we mentioned above stopped?

Someone else who starts or continues to market will get that attention and in time, your sales funnel will be affected.

When things are going well – keep marketing!

When your books are full – keep networking!

When your sales leads are overflowing – keep nurturing!

Or else when you get back down from the cloud 9 of being over-booked and in profit, you’ll find a desert instead of a sales pipeline.

Invest in your marketing when you’re busy to ensure you have more work to do when you’ve finished being ‘busy’.


Most people give in before they get the sale because they simply don’t get to 5th base!

You’ve probably heard that to get a yes you have to ask five times. When you’re working on follow-ups you might find that this can mean more than just five sales calls. When you’re working on following-up with a lead who’s specifically shown an interest though, you need to work on the basis that you’ll have to do that at least five times.

Using a CRM like SalesRadar makes it easy to do this and less likely that you’ll forget and fail to reach fifth base. Setting tasks and reminders to check-in with those hot leads is a simple and effective way to drive more conversion and more profits.

Don’t forget to work on your sales pipeline. Build a system that you work on consistently.


Sales should be a part of your daily or weekly disciplines.  Converting them and tracking them should be part of your culture.

Tracking your sales success and rewarding your team (or yourself) when you convert a sale or hit a target should be part of your culture. At iO Studios we theme our sales seasons and targets to make a really big deal of them. They’re part of the company culture and everyone is onboard with keeping our standard (across the business – not just in sales) right where we want them.

Measuring your sales, marketing, conversions, and other aspects of your sales funnel give you the power of the goal. Having a tangible goal in your business is a great way to make sure you achieve growth and success.

Without a goal (like anything in life) you can often find yourself aimlessly wandering and not progressing in any real direction.


When someone’s already bought from you or shown an interest in you – keep marketing to them.

Just because you converted a sale and they became a customer doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you again or upgrade what they’re buying from you already. We’ll cover this in more detail below.

But what about those passive interested parties? What about those people you meet at networking or those visitors to your website who just ‘have a look’ and aren’t ready to buy yet?

Keeping in touch with them en masse is really very simple and you could put a simple system in place like this to help you do that:

  • Use Facebook pixels to re-market content and ads to your website visitors.
  • Capture email data in exchange for a helpful freebie, and send out useful content on email.
  • Add people you meet at networking (with their permission) to your email list.
  • Create a free Facebook or LinkedIn group and invite anyone who shows an interest.

Creating a passive but consistent stream of useful and authority or trust-building content makes it really easy to keep engaging with the ‘interested-but-not-ready-yet’ crowd.

Keeping in touch

It can cost a lot to gain a new customer. Research shows it costs five times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one.

This is a big one. Your current customers need marketing to, following-up with, and up-selling to. Your current customers are highly likely to want to buy more from you and they’re also likely to move on if you don’t keep in touch.

This could be as simple as adding them to your weekly or monthly emails or sending them content via social media, but you could go one step further and schedule calls or personal emails/messages to all your clients/customers in your CRM.

With a CRM like SalesRadar you can create an audience which give you the ability to create a set number of tasks for any given time. That audience can then be added to any of your contacts (like your clients/customers) and you’ll get gentle reminders that are time-specific and based on when you added the contact to them.

Onboard a client, start working with them and then add them to the ‘Client Audience’ and you’ll have a pre-set collection of tasks to nudge you and remind you to check in with them.

It’s good to talk. Don’t forget that your current clients and customers are more important and less expensive to convert than new leads.

Build a winning system…

Build yourself a system to help you win more sales, keep people interested, and retain more clients and customers.

It’s really simple with a CRM like SalesRadar and if you’re not already using it, then grab a free version right here.

Keep going!


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