Ten Top Sales Tips

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Top Sales tips

If you need to boost your sales here a few tips to help you.



These tips are tried and tested and proven to be effective in a large range of industries.


  1. Don’t do all of your business prospecting during normal business hours. Very often the main decision maker will be in the office earlier or later so make the call at 8am or 6pm and it will be received by the right person who will have more time to talk. Also leave voicemail messages at night, that way these will be the first messages that your prospect hears in the morning increasing the chance of a returned call.
  2. In order to sell products and services that are of value to the customer you will have to ask questions. Ask the right questions and your customer will tell you what they really need and what benefits they are looking for.
  3. Record yourself on cold calls and listen to yourself, how did you sound? Did you use the right words? Were you clear or did you babble? Would you want to do business with someone who sounds like you? Recording yourself gives you the chance to correct your presentation.
  4. Do not go straight into a presentation discussing the features of your product. What the prospect wants to know is what’s in it for him! He needs to know how he will benefit from your product. Sell benefits not features.
  5. Prospecting is important to keep your sales pipeline full, If you don’t keep it full your sales will decline, so do not “put off” prospecting.
  6. Prospecting is a very onerous job but do not put anything else ahead of it, do not let anything else disturb it, make an appointment with yourself at specific time every day or week and keep it.
  7. In these days of emails faxes have largely been forgotten, because of that faxes are noticed, so if a prospect has a fax number, use it. Use faxes as regular part of your prospecting.
  8. Keep following up and following through, if you don’t maintain contact with your prospects you will never break through.
  9. Give your prospects something for nothing; forward to them an online article or some other information with a note saying something like “just though this might be useful to you”. Show them that you are really interested in them and their business.
  10. Try to maintain a good sense of humour at all times. Make the prospect relax and smile and you will be well on the way.






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