Staying on Top of Your Leads and Enquiries?

Staying on Top of Your Leads and Enquiries?

Staying on Top of Your Leads and Enquiries?

We’re going to make an assumption about you. Ready? You’re human. Are we right? You’re human and you’re trying to grow a business that relies on doing business with other humans, right?


Now, aside from the fact that you need to market your business to the needs and feelings of those humans, you’re human too, and this means that (occasionally) you’re the weakest link in your sales funnel.


You have every intention – as we do – of paying everyone that you meet the attention that they deserve. But you forget, you misplace things and you get distracted by all manner of notifications, emails, calls, meetings and hiccups.


That’s life, right?


It’s almost forgivable that you’re not following up with all your enquiries


You’re just a human and you have a lot going on in your head. It’s ok, we understand. But there’s a better way to do a lot of what you’re trying to juggle, with businesses cards on your desk, post-it notes on your screen, and notes in your smartphone that you’ll probably forget about.


Having a system will really help you. A system isn’t emotionally led, constantly interrupted or even remotely interested in what’s just happened in your business, on the news or over on those social media streams.


A system is set to get a job done, and we think you really should create a system to follow up with your enquiries.


A system remembers for you, it doesn’t become you


The human brain isn’t designed to remember numbers, dates or contact details. Have you ever tried to recall your own phone number in a different order? How about we give you a phone number right now and ask you store it in your head and then ask you to call it in an hour?


You might be able to, but you’ll have to try very hard.


Your brain simply isn’t designed to recall data like a system is. But your business still needs the human touch, so your customer still needs both. In the age of customer service bots and driverless cars, there’s still a need for humans to add that perfect icing on the business cake.


Use your system to remind you to contact or follow up. Create a system or process to help you stay on the radar of your enquiries, but use your knowledge and expertise to decide how you do that when the time comes. There’s no substitute for being human… if you remember to do it!



A system means you have one place to check


When you gain a lead from your website, where does it go? When you go networking, what do you do with the business cards? How about a phone call, or a text or maybe a direct message via social media?


We could write a blog on the places you could get enquiries from!


The challenge is to keep up with them all and then make sure that you follow up with them and do your best to convert them.


Using a CRM like SalesRadar gives you the ability to store and create all those enquiries in one place.


It could be as easy as copying and pasting a message or as clever as scanning a business card – but it’s all in one place. Add to that a specific set of tasks that are automatically created for each new lead and you’re well on your way to more business.



A system will gain you more business over and over again, leaving you free to get distracted!


  • How many leads and enquiries do you get each month?
  • What’s your conversion rate on those?
  • And how many do you forget?


Imagine where you’d be in business if you converted as many as possible. Imagine what your business would look like if you never let a new enquiry slip and you followed up on every single lead, and you did it enough times at the right times to convert more of them more of the time.


It’s not a dream – it’s entirely possible with SalesRadar.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll be gathering leads and enquiries just fine – it’s the conversion of them that’s the real challenge.


SalesRadar can gently remind you to follow up, it can record everything you follow up with, and it remembers all those phone numbers and contact details too.


Convert a lead into a customer? SalesRadar gives you the perfect place to set reminders for tasks and work remotely with your team on specific clients.



Most people forget… it’s only human. So why not have a system that remembers for you?


“You’re only human”


We don’t think that ‘only’ being human is a negative. You’re an incredible computer. You’re the most advanced computer on earth. You’re more powerful than any computer in production, but you have your flaws.


You’re easily distracted, busy feeling emotional and you’re simply rubbish at remembering loads of data unless you have a brain like Rain Man.


Don’t rely on yourself or your fellow humans to do the simple follow-up process. Rely on yourself to make the right decisions when you’re reminded to follow up. Rely on your system to put the information in front of you when you need it so you look superhuman to your leads and contacts.


Systemising your business is important for your growth. Lead generation is one of the best ways to grow your business. Why not systemise how you follow up and ensure you’re always chasing those conversions?


Imagine where you’d be in a year if you started now.


Creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

Book a session at the SalesRadar Academy now!




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