Some Unusual (and Traditional) Lead Generation Ideas for Your Small Business

Some Unusual (and Traditional) Lead Generation Ideas for Your Small Business

Gaining leads for your business is most likely one of those areas that you’re always keen to improve and certainly one you’ll be focused on making work harder for you.

With the digital age, there are some obvious ways to grow your leads through internet searches, social media, and even new emerging tech like messaging bots, chat pop-ups and GPS-enabled tools that engage with people near your business.

But as everyone runs to the new shiny things, you might want to look at those more traditional areas…

Often, when there’s overwhelm in one area and no space to be seen, it pays to go niche, go unique, and go where fewer people are. There might be fewer leads, but there’s a higher conversion, and cost per acquisition is therefore better for you.

We wanted to share some ideas we recently had about gaining leads and pop them under your nose to give you some fresh (or some forgotten) ideas.

Direct mail

Weirdly, the doormat is now quieter than ever before and the post box in the office is unloved in comparison to the inbox on your desktop. The post is still a very powerful way to get your message to people and if you’re targeted and then a little creative, you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get.

As with any marketing, you’ll want to build your post/direct mail campaign into a system so that you follow-up and maybe even build in a few extra mail outs for more impact. But the post, lumpy mail, and shipping presents direct from Amazon to decision-makers, just might break through the noise of their inbox!

Stop hiding behind email and say hello to the doormat!


We’re big fans of meeting people in real life and then getting to know them. We’re also fans of helping them, before we help ourselves. Standing out at networking events doesn’t have to involve some elaborate dress sense or a crazy follow-up system (although we find this one works well), it might just be as simple as caring about others first.

Many networking experts talk about adding value to the room, selling through the room, and also building your network rather than your sales funnel – so why not take a new approach?

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

The phone

Remember this tool? Calling people is very powerful and although it can be tricky to get through to the right people all of the time, there are plenty of blogs and videos out there to help you get better at this.

Making calls and ‘getting on the phones’ might not get you out of bed in the morning, but it does get you noticed in a more powerful way than simply connecting on social media or sending one email after a networking event.

In a world where most are afraid of the ‘phone app’, buck the trend and give them a call!


LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular and with changes to the inbox and the addition of emojis and fun stickers on videos, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s looking a little more like Facebook and dare we say it… more social!

Make the most of the new love of LinkedIn by connecting and chatting in the inboxes of the people you want to hook up with. Get yourself a list of your ideal prospects or people you know you can help and start finding them on LinkedIn.

Remember: it’s a social media channel so chat first, sell later.

Visiting exhibitions

Of course, exhibiting at exhibitions is a known and trusted lead generation method, but what about just attending them and meeting as many people as you can? It’s costly to exhibit, but just attending them gets you in front of more people, more of the time, and it’s far more cost-effective.

Use them like networking events. Show up, swap cards, look to help the people there and then connect with them on social media sites like LinkedIn afterwards (and maybe even send them something quirky or memorable in the post as well!).

Exhibitions are just big networking events when you think about it…

Running networking events

Another great way to build trust and grow your leads is to host networking events or get involved with running one. The kudos gained from running a successful local meeting is going to give you credibility and elevate you and your business.

You can get involved in an existing networking event or group or run your own in a space nearby or even in your own building if you have the space.

Instead of going to them, encourage them to come to you.

Using the SalesRadar to combine it all

The Radar within SalesRadar is a great way to start all this process by giving you a ‘hit list’ of business to go after if you’re a B2B business.

If not, then you can still use the power of audiences and track your lead generation with our simple-to-use CRM. Successful lead gen is usually organised lead gen so get a system in place that suits you, your business, and your clients and customers and you’ll soon have a fresh flow of new leads and then some nice new sales too.

You can sign-up to SalesRadar for FREE right here and we’ve even built a follow-up process right into it.


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