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In business, you need to ask for more than one date…

Scared to ask for a second date?



Rejection hurts. We understand. Putting yourself out there, asking for something, and then being rejected is painful.


The fear of rejection is a widespread issue. As humans we all fear rejection in some way or another. It stems back to our roots and our need to be accepted.


So being rejected affects the very hard wiring we’re built on.


Asking for that second date is tough (whether in romance or business), because all you want is a “yes” but all you think about (and fear) is the “no”.



In business, you need to ask for more than one date…


The first date is a great start and just like on a real life first date you’ll have done your best to make a good first impression.


A first date in business could be a networking event, a contact form on your website, a free trial of your product, or maybe just a phone call from someone who showed an interest.


Following up (asking for the second date) is the next step, but many just don’t do it.


You may just forget if you don’t have a CRM like Sales Radar to help you stay on track, but we find many businesses simply don’t ask, as they fear the rejection they ‘might’ get.


Does this sound familiar?


“Hi David.

Thanks for your email, but…”

BUT? Oh no… rejection is coming…


It’s horrible, isn’t it? That feeling you get. We don’t even have to write the rest of that email, you already ‘think’ it’s going to be a rejection. We almost look for it.



So how are we going to get around this?


Minimising rejection would be a good start, and making you feel less like a spammy emailer would be a good idea to help this.


We want to share with you a few key ways you can make following up with prospect a lot more comfortable, to decrease your chances of rejection.


Make it personal – and make it about them


Without meaning to sound crude, we refer to the analogy that you wouldn’t ask for sex before coffee (would you?!).


Following up is the start of a relationship in business. When you meet for the first time on that first date you’ll want to make a good first impression. Simply asking for the sale right away is often too much for most prospects unless they specifically ask for it. (It can happen!)


So, take it steady. Follow up with a personal email or message them on LinkedIn, but make it about them. Add some content in about your conversation or send them a link to that book you chatted about or a useful website link you mentioned.


You can store all this information really easily on the go with a CRM like Sales Radar as you just add it to the app. Keeping useful, personal information like their favourite coffee or which podcast they listen to can make your follow up more about them, and less about you. We all want to know we’re being listened to, so adding in a small comment about something they said will make them feel good – but it must be genuine.



Get on their wavelength


Let’s say you know that your prospect is a keen listener of a podcast by someone in their industry, and you set a reminder to let you know when the next episode is online. You could listen to it on the way to work, make some notes when you get there, and then send a timely email or make a timely call and drop in something you found of interest from the podcast into the conversation.


Then, record some key points from that conversation and see how you feel the relationship is going. Maybe it’s time for that second date, maybe it isn’t, but by keeping track you’ll know where you are in this particular relationship – and you’re building it, not killing it.


Can we be more specific?


“Not tonight, my boss is washing her hair”. Ever had that excuse? It’s OK if they can’t make a decision right now. Just because they’re not the decision maker, or the decision maker isn’t around, doesn’t mean it’s over for you. Just ask when would be a good time to call back or email them and pop that into your CRM to remind you.


It’s only right to try and time your follow up when you’re less likely to get rejected; it saves everyone’s time.



Being valuable saves you from rejection


The internet gives you the perfect excuse to be the best date. Imagine you were on a date and everything the person across the table talked about was what you loved too? You enjoy the same music and theatre and even the same sports team. How great would it be if they ordered your favourite food from the menu because they love it, too?


The internet can turn you into the perfect partner. Google their name and check out their LinkedIn profile. Take some ideas from their tweets and Twitter bio (Sales Radar will even find those for you). Find their blog and explore their interests and passions.


Try to find out enough information that you can find common ground and maybe meet them half way on a few areas. This isn’t stalking or pretending to be something you’re not – it’s just finding common ground.


Be appealing – you’re less likely to get rejected.



Happy Birthday!


There are many things that us humans hold dear to us, and special dates are one of them. A birthday, for example is incredibly important to many. Forgetting birthdays has got many partners in trouble!


Information like a birthday can enable you to send out a card or present to a prospect. More often than not, you’ll find this on their Facebook or Twitter account.


How great will you look when you send a bunch of flowers or a special gift based on a little research so you know they’ll love it. We’re so used to email, real mail or a small thoughtful gift is often a big surprise – so surprise a prospect.



The fear of rejection is probably stopping you getting down to business.


It’s perfectly natural but you need to understand a few things about rejection:


  • Rejection is part of business.
  • You have to ask for business at least five times on average.
  • If you don’t ask, you may as well have been rejected. So you may as well try!


Don’t let your fear get in the way of your business.


Remember that fear is only in your imagination and fearing something that hasn’t happened yet isn’t going to help you. If the worst does happen and they’re not interested, it allows you to focus on the next prospect who may well be your ideal client.


Using a system like Sales Radar to follow up makes it feel more like a process and can take that ‘icky’ feeling away for you.


Having an intelligent system can make you look more attractive for a second date.


Building a system that’s more in line with relationship building than an over-eager dinner date is a more effective way to nurture those leads and will make you less likely to get the boot!


Don’t fear rejection; face it with Sales Radar using a personalised and intelligent system.


Remember: there is no B2B or B2C, only H2H (Human to Human) and we humans all take a little time to trust each other!


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