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How two little words can win you more business?

How two little words can win you more business?

When it comes to business and in particular making sales, there often seems to be too little time for niceties, and good manners seem to be – well, overlooked in the relentless scramble for new business.


However, what is often forgotten are the effects a simple little gesture of appreciation can have, not only on yourself but on your clients too.


For instance, think about your best client for a moment. Have you taken the time to say thank you to them recently?


Can you imagine what effect sending a little gift or even just dropping an email pointing out how appreciative you are of their business would have? You can bet it would be substantial in terms of cementing your relationship.


The word thank you is too often ignored or treated with short shrift in business.


Of course, it’s usually there in our everyday correspondence, like emails, text and so on thanking people for their time etc, but really using it with effect is a different proposition altogether.


For example, have you thanked your existing clients for their continued business and their support to your organisation? Have you thanked them for all of the times that they have stepped in and recommended you when you need to prove to a potential client that you were the real deal? Have you thanked them for the trust that they have placed in you?


Whilst this all seems fairly straightforward stuff, we can bet there are precious few people reading this who actually do it.


Too often we punch the air in delight when we win new business, but soon forget about the importance of that customer when we’re off pursuing other new opportunities.


For smaller businesses, where the owner is often the sales person, amongst other things, this can be particularly difficult.


However, gratitude doesn’t just stop with your clients. What about a show of appreciation for those who work for you.


Have you praised them for all of their support in helping you to grow your business?


Everywhere you look, you will see those people who have helped you get to where you are. Be it friends, employees, colleagues or family and business associates – if you trace where a lot of business has come from, you’ll see the truth in these words.


One of the greatest books ever written was, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.


Whilst not a sales book, it is a body of work, which shows how we need to behave to get along with people and the damaging habits we all engage in, which sabotages our relationships. It bases a great deal of importance on gratitude.


It is a must read for all sales people and business owners, because after all more than sales – we are all in the people game.


If you can take the time to read it and even if you can’t, just remember to say thank you genuinely, as often as you can. Being appreciative, we promise you, will make a huge difference to your business.



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