Pipeline Management
Give Clarity to Your Sales Process. Keep track of your sales opportunities using the easiest, most user friendly system around
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Clear Visibility

See clearly every opportunity in your pipeline in a simple, easy to understand visual view.

Drag & Drop

Opportunities can be quickly moved from one stage with a simple drag and drop.


Customise your sales pipeline to reflect your processes. Our coaches can help you map your process. 


Opportunity movements are all presented in real time across all users.

Visible sales pipeline

Track and view every sales opportunity as it moves through your interactive pipeline. Drill into the detail of each opportunity and discover the insights behind them. Quickly allocate to do’s, appointment and attach files, allowing team collaboration and complete visibility.

Simple Drag & Drop Interface

Customisable Sales Stages

Colour status for overdue and pending to do's

Easy and Intuitive

Drill into the detail, get to the core of every sales opportunity – instant insight into all sales activity:

Opportunity Summary

Add to do's

Schedule Appointments

Upload files against an opportunity

Log notes

Log finance records

Collaborate with other teams members

Simple Sales Stages

Stage Summary

At a glance see the number of opportunities in a stage and the projected value

Opportunity References

A opportunity number is automatically added as quick reference

At a Glance

Active icons at the base of the card show active to dos, appointments, notes and files

Priority Colour Coding

Quickly see what needs attention, opportunities with overdue tasks turn red, upcoming tasks turn green.

Confidence Levels

Show clearly your anticipated confidence for an opportunity, default confidences can be set for each stage

Opportunity Owner

The allocated owners profile picture displays on the opportunity.

Simply log notes and activity

Notes are displayed in a simple message form, allowing you to quickly see who logged the notes and in what order.

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