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Are Your Sales Scripts Working For Or Against You

Flexibility in Sales


Flexibility in sales is vitally important in developing rapport with a potential customer and gaining their confidence. If you stick to a rigid script, then you’re not being responsive to their concerns, needs and questions. Listening and being empathetic is more difficult for some people than others. But if your success depends on the ability to persuade and influence then it’s a skill well worth developing.


Sales scripts are a double edged sword. Bridging the gap between salesperson and sales prospect often requires a conversational, informal delivery that won’t come across if you’re reciting a script. Although sales scripts can contain tried and effective tactics. However a certain way to turn off your potential customer and undermine your sales performance is to sound as though you are reading a script or just quoting memorised lines.


People often forget that in the world of business, we need to be more natural and lighten up. Being just too serious will not only blunt your ‘likeability factor’, but also reduce the enjoyment of your career. Learning to inject your own personality into the presentations with a shot of humour and spontaneity will help you to sound unrehearsed and pushy. You may need to experiment with this a little in order to find out what works best for you but that’s part of the sales learning curve.


Bullet Points


A very effective way to achieve this is to memorise a set of bullet points. You can then use these bullet points as talking points. Your sales script will then come across as more natural and less contrived. Check the original sales script every two weeks or to ensure you are ad-libbing accurately and have not digressed too much. Do not forget your non-verbal communications as that’s what your sales prospects are paying the most attention to.


Be careful not to talk too fast. Some sale people talk much too fast because they feel they have to get a lot of information across in a short space of time or because they are so excited about the possible sale. Talking too fast is major tactical error because it will make it difficult for your prospect to absorb the information you’re giving them and if they’re confused; they’re unlikely to commit to a purchase.


A good way to check how you are doing is to videotape and critique a mock sales presentation involving few of your associates. Getting their criticism and seeing yourself as others see you is a successful approach. Iron the wrinkles that may be killing your business presentation and restricting your pay.


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