Your Sales Leads Don’t Convert Just Because You Want Them to

Your Sales Leads Don’t Convert Just Because You Want Them to

Your Sales Leads Don’t Convert Just Because You Want Them to

How are your leads doing? Growing well? Turning into sales all on their own with no interruption from you? Amazing how they just fall into your lap, isn’t it…?


No, didn’t think so.


Like most of the areas of your business your sales leads need work and encouragement to turn into the great plans that you have for them.


Leads need your attention.


But we see all too often businesses scrambling to get more of them, instead of just working on the ones they already have.


In fact, if this is you, we could save you a fortune in marketing and give you back loads of time. You could stop marketing and networking and make more money and grow more of your business from your office.


Nurturing your leads is how you’ll do this, and if you’re not doing that then read on as we’re going to show you some simple ways to do it.


Firstly… what do we mean by nurturing leads? Simply put, it’s all about working on your leads and prospects and moving them closer to the end goal. The goal being a sale.


Now, that’s not to say that all of your leads will end in a sale; they won’t, but if you don’t encourage them to then it’s unlikely any of them will unless you happened to gain a lead that needs what you do right now.


Most won’t. Most will need to be reminded, wowed and convinced you’re the person for the job.


So here are 5 simple ways to nurture your leads so you get more yeses!



Email great content


Email marketing is in decline, they say. But what’s more likely to be the case is email marketing has moved on. Just like direct mail on the doorstep, email marketing got busy and noisy and most turned off from it. But it still works… if you use a different approach.


Sending out great content would be a start. Move away from sales and move closer to education and advice. Emails from your company that help people to be better at the very thing you do are a great place to start.


Let’s say you’re a florist. You sell flowers. An ideal lead for you would be a wedding as you’ll sell all the trimmings including the bouquet to throw at the end.


So, if you created an email flow of content that shared how to choose the right flowers for the right occasion and how to keep them for longer and then how to create the most beautiful bouquet, you’d look like an expert whilst helping them build trust with you. They’d like you more.


Yes, some will simply take all your tips and use them for free, but most will hire the right parties to do the right parts, and you’re more likely to get their sale and sales from others that they know if you’re demonstrating that you’re good at what you do.


Nurture and build trust.



Follow up on social media


Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter give you a great opportunity to follow up to a large audience from afar, but you have to take the first step and the right step!


Social media is often the first place people head to for marketing. It’s ‘free’ after all and easy to get on with, but many fall into the sales trap.


Social media isn’t a sales tool, it’s a conversation tool. OK?


If you use the same ideas that you’re going to use for your email marketing then it starts to look like a great stream of useful content that will attract the very people who would buy from you.


Sell too much and you risk becoming something they skim, instead of something they love.


Make sure your social media is obvious from your website and other marketing, and give people a reason to add you to their screens and streams!



Check in with something for them


Got a really interesting or hot lead? Need to help them love you some more? Standing out in the post might be an option to entertain again. ‘Lumpy mail’ is an interesting area to stand out in alongside the terrible circulars and boring brown envelopes.


Send something quirky, useful, or maybe head over to their social media and send something you saw that they need. It doesn’t have to be something that you do, either. Just think how much of an impact you could make if you show an interest in them!


Think about the envelope and the packaging and the whole experience though, and make sure that you follow up on the phone with a quick hello to see if they got it or what they thought.


If you do it well, they may well call you!



Call them, maybe?


The telephone is a seriously underused tool in the modern-day world. The phone app is far from the top app used on most smartphones with people hiding behind email and social media. It all works, but you can stand out better with a combination of all.


Call with intent, but you don’t have to sell. Take time to do a little research before your call and maybe combine it with the lumpy mail idea above, and if your lead works high up, be prepared to have a gatekeeper to navigate.


Calling can work. Most won’t do it, or at least most of the sales calls will be cold. Go armed with content and information that you’ve already chatted about and you’ll stand a better chance!



Put it all into a system with reminders and track history


There are loads of great ways to nurture your leads but we’ll be honest – if you’re dealing with more than a few you’ll miss them and forget them.


Having a system like SalesRadar will really help you nurture your leads in a more systematic way and make sure you don’t forget those important ones.


Putting your follow-up process and marketing into a CRM like SalesRadar will not only keep a record of what you’ve done, it’ll help you to be reminded when to do what and not send all your marketing and touchpoints in one go.


Spreading out your nurturing is a better way.


Need more help?



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