Is Your Sales Funnel Full of Tumbleweed?

Is Your Sales Funnel Full of Tumbleweed?

Is Your Sales Funnel Full of Tumbleweed?

The phone never stops ringing, your email inbox is on fire, and you’re never left wondering where the next business is coming from. Life is good!

That’s what it’s like when you have a good business, strong marketing, a healthy sales funnel and a solid system in place.

But what if your world isn’t like that? What if your phone is just PPI calls and your emails are full of sales messages to you, not replies from your own?

A full sales funnel will help you gain a constant stream of enquiries and new customers. If you don’t have a good system for your business then we recommend that you get one, and fast!

Getting sales can be tricky but if you set the right sales funnel in place and get ready to receive the sales then business will be less sparse and of course, more profitable!

Got tumbleweed in your sales funnel? Here’s how to blow it away.


Marketing, sales, and business – they’re all part of relationships

To win business you need to win the favour of another human, and we’re an emotional bunch. If you look at your marketing sales and business as a relationship building system, you won’t go far wrong.


Let’s think about the start of the sales process. Do this by taking a leaf out of Ryan Diess’ book. Ryan is the CEO at Digital Marketer and he talks about sales and marketing as compared to relationship and dating. The first touch point? It’s your first date!


To make this analogy work we need to be sexist and suggest that in the traditional dating scene, the man pays. In this instance, your business is the man.


So on the first date, it’s your shout. The dinner and wine are on you…


Free Content – Pour a Glass!

Unless you’re a wine merchant then a bottle of wine is unlikely to be something you would give for free, as it might not make sense to your brand or business. So what can you give them for free that’s not wine?




If you’re an accountant then you know your numbers, and you know the numbers your clients will be looking for. On your first date, show them you know your stuff with some expert content on which reports to use and how to measure and forecast profits. Anything useful you know your date will benefit from.


You’ll probably have this content already so turn it into a video, PDF, or download – and give it away for free. It’s a great first date that’ll impress without being too pushy, and hopefully lead to a second date.



Exhibiting – Call me, Maybe?

Getting a stand at an exhibition is a great way to find more people for your dating pool. Showing off what you do with bright signage, demonstrations, smiling faces, and maybe some free gifts is a honey pot for new leads.


Like a first date though, make sure you listen more than you talk. Take in what the visitors to your stand are saying and ask them what they need help with. Then after the exhibition, call them (or email, message or contact them). Dating is great but we need relationships for business so make sure you call them up and continue the chat in more depth.


There’s nothing worse than a date that doesn’t call, is there?



LinkedIn – Meeting up Socially

So you’ve met a few times and we’re looking good, but now you want to go for the sale, don’t you?


Stop! This is the long game if you want to woo the right person.


Be careful not to ask for the sale too early. You might look too keen to… you know… finalise the deal! That can scare people off.


Instead, start to hang out in the right places and appear where they are. LinkedIn is a less stalkerish way of doing this. Adding them as a friend on Facebook might be too intimate for a business relationship (it’s complicated!) so LinkedIn is a nice place to go. It’s the safe option, like a cinema date to watch a rom com.


Add them by using a personal message and then make sure you comment on some of their content once in a while as we show you in The Ultimate Networking Follow Up. Adding them to your social circle means that you can follow up passively and you can also date more than one person easily.


We know what you’re thinking, but in sales it’s OK. You’re allowed to date more than one person at a time.



Speaking – Public Displays of Affection

Speaking at shows, networking meetings, and other business events is a super way to gain more leads and impress the ones you already have. Inviting your warm leads to events where you’re speaking is a good way to gently remind them that you exist and you know your stuff, while also working on some new leads.


Speaking is a tried and tested way to build authority and grow relationships. Showing you’re an expert in what you do is essential to convincing someone to date you. You’ll find at first that you’ll need to prove you’re worthy, so get involved and practice so that you can make it count for the big moments! The after your talk, direct them to your stand or upsell them to some free content (a first date) or even something small to buy that will get them into your sales funnel. Sending them your latest book (or just a book you found useful) is a nice gesture, like sending a bunch of flowers to show you care.



Sales Radar – the Dating App for Business

Finding new leads and dates is becoming far simpler with new technology. Looking for the ideal people to do business with should be simple with the right direction and tool. Knowing who you’re looking for is obviously an essential piece of the puzzle to ensure you don’t keep having bad dates with someone who’s just not your type.


Within SalesRadar we’ve built a tool to help you search your local area for the ideal people and businesses to start talking to. Approach each one with a helpful and value-driven mindset and you’ll go far.


Wine them, dine them, and add them to your social circles. Send them treats in the post and show them publically what you can do and why they should notice you. Like it or not, it’s a busy world out there and you need to show them your moves to attract them.


Sales, marketing and business is all about relationships, and SalesRadar will help you be the best first date you can be. It’s the business equivalent of a nice smile and a thoughtful nature.


Find the right people, have good content to send them, and then be reminded to call them and add yourself to their social circles. It’s very simple to build multiple relationships all at once with audience processes and task that you can assign to leads right away.



Fill your sales funnel and blow the tumbleweed away…

Sales and marketing funnels are essential to your business if you want a constant stream of interest. Having a systemised approach with a tool like SalesRadar will allow you to keep filling it and stay on top of many leads at a time – effectively and efficiently.


Isn’t it about time you became a better date?


Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

Book a session at the SalesRadar Academy now!


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