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National work life week a time to take stock

National work life week a time to take stock

Running a business can be an all-consuming affair for everyone involved with their own ventures, as well as those who work for them.


We hear daily of good people breaking down with the stress associated with business life and yet, sometimes it takes hitting such an unfortunate low for people to take stock of their life and unfortunately their lack of balance within it.


There is no one reason for unhappy workplaces leading to serious illnesses, but bad management appears to be the major reason cited by numerous studies going back over several years.  Organisastions such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the charity MIND, as recent as 2013 showed that it was the number one cause of such problems.


And now a new study of 1200 workers by the job search organisation CV Library shows that 65.8% of people cite poor management as the biggest cause of stress, with low morale within the workplace (38.1 per cent), unfriendly colleagues (35.7 per cent), heavy workloads (34.1 per cent), long working hours (29.3 per cent), and a bad work-life balance (25.5 per cent) not far behind.


It’s clear the answers to eliminating stress are obviously hugely complex and involves many different areas of analysis, but with two-third down to poor management it seems this is a good place to start to make a huge difference to the UK workplace.


So here in National Work Life week perhaps those of us running the show in business or being in charge of sales should ask ourselves if we are managing staff correctly.


After all, everyone wants to feel valued and if we create a culture where employees feel good about themselves and supported through the ups and downs, then surely it is to our business’s benefits.


As you know, we are all about making life easier when managing your sales pipeline and making sales but it’s unquestionably one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Of course, it isn’t like being in a peacekeeping force in Syria, but for most normal folk, it is a demanding job.


Sales have often been seen as only for the tough and are highly competitive, hence the reason many find it a difficult role to take on.


However, such tough stereotypes can be dangerous to many businesses – driving people too hard can lead to burn out, breakdowns or in some cases, talented sales professionals just walking out to find better jobs.


We at SalesRadar believe a culture of support and understanding, where we listen to our co-workers as avidly as we do our clients is essential.


So here in National Work Life week we appreciate that work is, of course a vital part of life, but it has to be done happily and with good energy to ensure there are motivated workers making sales.


We hope this blog has made those of you in charge of others ask some big questions of yourself, and in doing so it might just help you bring the very best out of your workforce and ensure your business continues to grow.


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