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IT Sales: Moving Beyond The First Sales Call

Selling any product or service requires the salesman to move beyond the initial sales call and onto the next phase. To do this the salesperson must control the conversation and lead the customer by the hand towards the purchase.


In IT sales the first call or consultation is really just about qualifying the lead. If you don’t do this you could end up wasting valuable time on a prospect who simply wants to pick your brains and has no intention at all of purchasing your service. This can happen easily with smaller businesses with lower budgets. In this article, you’ll learn how to move on to the next step.


Don’t let your prospect play 20 Questions


Once you have made yourself known to a smaller business they may call with a long list of questions, they may start questioning you and before you realise it you will be giving away your secrets free of charge instead of focusing on selling your service. They are effectively picking your brain!


Before long you will have to stop them and say “you have a long list of questions and problems, I think the next step is for us is to have one of our technicians come and do a site survey for you. In this way we can draw up a plan of action and give you a firm quotation for the work”


The Site Survey is a great next step


The site survey will document all of the problems and help you to prioritise the solutions. You then give your client a clear and comprehensive report on the findings; this will allow you to negotiate with your client so they know exactly what is required and how much it will cost them.




So as the initial sales call is coming to the end, ask them if they would be interested in the site survey.  Explain what it does and how it will benefit them. This your first attempt at closing the sale. Otherwise you run the risk of talking for hours with a customer who is really not interested.  Instead of using that time to find other prospects.



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