Lead Generation Ideas to Boost your Sales in 2019

Lead Generation Ideas to Boost your Sales in 2019

Lead Generation Ideas to Boost your Sales in 2019

What a year we’ve had! We do hope yours was fabulous too. SalesRadar grew and grew and we even created a FREE VERSION of SalesRadar which will be forever free! It was a monumental move for us and one we’re very proud to be able to offer.


2018 was an interesting year for the UK and the rest of the world with big changes and plenty of political and economic uncertainty.


But looking forward to 2019, how will your business grow? How will you create more leads, make more sales, and grow your business and profits?


We’ve shared 23 blogs so far this year on everything from business networking tips, to creating passive income, effective language in marketing and even following up and making the sale!


For our final blog we wanted to give you some ideas for the New Year to boost your business and propel it forward. We’ve been thinking about the incredible people we’ve met in our networking circles – online and off – so we decided to share with you some selected advice from them that will give you a solid plan for the upcoming year.


So, sit back, read on and promise to implement!

2019 has every chance of being your biggest year yet!



Learn to Love LinkedIn


LinkedIn has been a bigger part of our world in 2018. The platform has seen a lot of changes and the promise of bigger and better groups is an exciting one. Video on LinkedIn blossomed in 2018 and much more ‘social’ content landed on the platform.


Our advice for 2018 is get on LinkedIn, post more, comment more, and make sure you’re present, adding new connections, and have a solid bio to attract your ideal clients.


We love this post from Angus Grady that not only gets Pooh Bear into an article, but shares a great checkpoint list at the end: Your LinkedIn has a Winnie the Pooh Approach.



Take Time to Make Time


Making time is a powerful process. It was Einstein who explained that we are time and that we’re in control more than we think. Is time always against us, or are we just against ourselves? Time blocking is a great strategy and something you should look to add to your business in 2019. Protect time to work on your business. Also remember what Claire McTernan tells us – You don’t have 12 months in a year like you think you do!



Nail your 2019 Networking


Networking grew SalesRadar from a product used just by our own clients to a national networking tool used by 1000s. Business networking is a great way to grow leads and enquiries and build a list of fans who will buy from you and also refer you to others.


One of the great authorities in business networking is the author of Business Networking for Dummies, Stefan Thomas. Stefan talks about auditing your network on a weekly basis and we think this is a must for your 2019 approach. Here’s a helpful guide on how to keep track.


Stefan Thomas – How to audit your networking.



Provide Value on Podcasts


With all the busy travelling and the visual overwhelm, the power of voice is working well for many marketers. Getting on to well known podcasts as a guest could well be a useful way forward, too.


Guest appearances on Facebook Live shows or podcasts and blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your email list or community.


A podcast that’s extremely worthy of a listen is Rob Moore – the Disruptive Entrepreneur.



Excite Your List with Emails


Email marketing still works. With all the GDPR noise this year, you could be forgiven for thinking the hay day is over. Granted, open rates are low and you’re lucky to get 30%, but if they’re well executed they still have a valuble place in your marketing mix.


We use Campaign Monitor to send out our SalesRadar emails and this list of tips and hacks on email marketing from them is great.


Email marketing – Advice from Campaign Monitor.



Enjoy and Exhibit at Events


Exhibiting at events in 2019? We’ve often found that this is a slow burn but a good (and proven) way to grow awareness and then sales… as long as you’re strategic about it. We published an article in February that showed you how to build a plan for networking to make sure you didn’t miss any leads and it was quite popular, so we thought we’d share it again.


Exhibit at networking events and business shows: Before, during and after plan.



Be Vibrant on Video


Video marketing is still on the increase and since 2014/15 the use of video marketing has rocketed, mostly helped by the smartphone cameras we all have access to. Video can add a whole new angle to your marketing and conversations that you have with customers and we’ve dabbled with some live shows and webinars to grow our list.


Not sure where to get started? This list from Sanjay Singh is a great starting point: 5 steps to creating effective video marketing



Create More Content


Content is still king and we’ve invested over the past few year to create more blogs, articles, emails and more to drive awareness, trust and sales for our businesses. When it comes to staying front of mind in 2019 it’s still very much about online content and with that, we highly recommend blogging.


The biggest block to blogging that Todd from Spaghetti Agency found was what to blog about so he created this great framework for ideas and looked at which ideas work the best: The best type of content for a blog.



Catch-up on Your CRM


And when all is said and done, all of those leads need to be recorded, nurtured and tracked and that’s where we come in. Lead and enquiries need constant work to nurture them and convert them and there’s no better way than to use a CRM like SalesRadar.


With custom audiences, tasks, reminders, and integration with your email marketing, SalesRadar could have a valuable place in your growth for 2019.


Use a CRM to track your sales funnel. Sign up for free here.


We’d like to thank you for being a part of our journey so far and for taking the time to read this. Feel free to share it with your connections or link to it from your social media and blogs.


Have a prosperous 2019!


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