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Keeping Sales Simple

Keeping Sales Simple

For those of us working in the exciting world of sales, we are all too familiar with the pressures of meeting our daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals. This pressure can sometimes cause us to lose focus on the simple things that made us successful to begin with.

When we make a sales presentation, it is all too essential to look and sound the part. A professional appearance and product knowledge are two very important ingredients involved in sales.

But don’t ever lose sight of the fact that sale’s is supposed to be fun! Salesmanship is important, but people want kindness to.

A personal story . . .

A few years ago, I was the manager of a bank branch inside a large superstore, otherwise known as In-Store banking.

We were required to meet daily sales targets that were unit and money based. It was a fast paced sales environment.  Every technique we could think of was incorporated into our sales. Nothing was taken for granted.

One day I received a phone call from a woman who informed me that she was new to the area, and was looking for a new bank. We had a pleasant conversation, and I explained to her all of our products starting with our free checks, and ending with our more personalised products.

When the conversation was over, she thanked me and told me she would bear us in mind. I thanked her for her enquiry and ended by telling her my name again, and that she could ask for me personally if she decided to come in.

The very next day, that same woman came into the bank and asked for me. She reminded me of the chat we had the previous day. She then told me that she came in because I was so pleasant on the phone.

The fact is, I was really nice on the telephone, I was aware that I had a potential customer on the phone and I killed her with kindness. Not because I was being slick, but because it was easy. It was simple, and I had fun doing it. And it worked.

There was no selling involved in that conversation. I was just being nice.

So, to conclude, take some of the pressure off yourself and start having fun! Be nice, smile. It is not always necessary to act and speak so professionally, it can come off fake, and worst of all boring.



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