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IT Sales: Stopping The Free Consultation

IT Sales requires that you do not give away to many secrets. Do some research before calling them to ensure the prospect is someone you can work with and turn them into a lucrative customer.


It’s important to make sure that your sales call doesn’t become a lengthy free consultation. You’re not there for unlimited brain-picking. In this article you’ll learn how to move the sales call to IT sales.  It’s not about proving how smart you are or proving your technical expertise and showing all your accreditations. You’re only there to see if there’s good empathy and a good chance to progress to the next step in the sales process.


Is This Prospect Someone You Can Work With?


You’re there principally to make sure that you’re seeing eye-to-eye with each other and that they look like they could be a good client that your company could work with, and that they seem similar to other clients that you’ve had success with in the past. You’ve already asked the key questions about the size and the platform and are now ready to move onto the next step.


For most worthwhile opportunities in small businesses it is worth spending an hour or so giving out some free advice and finding out what their problems are. But do not give away too many secrets; you need to shift the discussion towards them hiring your company for a technology assessment or a full IT audit as soon as you feel the time is right.


Free Advice Will Reduce Your Sales


If you give out free advice for too long you will never profit from that particular customer. There are businesses out there that will keep coming back for more and more advice as long as it’s free; you will have to draw the line somewhere.


Know What Service You Want to Sell Them


So, stop giving away too much information. Try to work out your client’s immediate needs and problems ahead of the sales call. Start working out you can offer a solution for that. And be prepared to sell a fixed cost half-day IT Audit for a pre-set fee.


If you sense there is a chance of a larger sale, say £50,000 to £100,000 in pure IT services, not products which will have profit margins on, you could then afford to risk giving away more free advice. But you need to know what the situation is with the prospect before you even walk through the door.




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