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IT Sales: Move Them From Free To Paying


IT Sales presentations can often result in appeals to do quick fixes for your prospects. Do not undertake this free work if you want your prospect to become a paying customer, tell them what you think it might be and that any problems and causes would be highlighted during the initial audit.


Very often when you are in the process of an initial IT sales presentation, it is likely that you will be asked to take a look at a small problem they are having while you are there. For example, they may say something like, “We’ve been having a problem with this router. Could you just take a look at it please?”


Do not get Involved


It is not wise to get involved with this; you may think it will only take a few minutes and what’s the harm. Well think on, if you get started and then find that you cannot fix it in a few minutes you will be in an awkward situation.  You could be there much longer than intended.  You may make the problem even worse and they are not yet a paying customer. This will not help you with closing the sale.


Be very wary about touching servers, PCs, laptops or anything else that might end up taking time to fix before there is a signed agreement for an IT audit in place.  You are there to sell an IT service, not to work for free.


Even after you have got the contract signed, when doing the IT audit, be very careful not to break anything and do only low risk precursory work. You do not want your future client to point the finger at you and “say you broke it”


So rather than doing someone a favour, get the deal signed and sealed first. You are there  to sign them up as a paying customer, not to work for free.





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