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How to write attention grabbing advertisements

The most crucial aspect of any business is selling the product or service. Without sales the business will not exist.


All sales have to begin with some kind of advertising and this advertising must be seen or heard by the prospects. The success or failure of the advert will be down to the advert itself.


You will want your prospects to react in the right way.


This could be to visit your store and see the product for himself or order the product straight away via the internet or by mail. Or alternately he might write for further information or phone for an appointment to hear the full sales pitch.


The purpose of any advert is to make the prospect buy the product. An advert that merely explains the features of the product and only makes the reader admire the product is not doing its job effectively.


The advert writer must know exactly what he wants the ad to achieve and any advert that doesn’t create the desired action is a waste of money and time.


For the advert to succeed it must be written to this time honored proven formula: AIDA


  1. Attract the attention of your prospect
  2. Interest your prospect in the product
  3. Desire, cause your product to desire your product
  4. Action, a call to action from the prospect.


The best attention grabbing headlines are very often questions that encourage the reader to read on to find out the answer.


This is the basic rule of advertising copywriting; if the ad is not read, it won’t prompt any sale; if the ad is not seen it can’t be read; and if it does not grab the reader’s attention it will not be seen.


Always use the words you, your, and yours in your advert so the reader feels he is being spoken to personally as though you were sitting across from him at a table.


Once you have grabbed his interest in your product you should create the desire to purchase by highlighting the benefits to him of your product. Remember it is the benefits of the product that you are selling not the features. Essentially, you must emphasize the advantages, comfort and happiness he’ll enjoy – as you have implied in your headline.


In other words, the “desire” portion of your ad needs to assemble conviction and validity in the mind of your prospect. It has to guarantee him his good judgement in his final decision to buy, give him evidence of the benefits you have promised him.


Call to action, always demand that they complete the sale by taking action now, it could be with an “introductory bonus” or “limited time” offer, by calling a phone number and ordering, or ordering online. Offer a reward of some kind to act fast.


All successful advertising copywriters know these basics, and your knowledge and use of these basics will determine the success of your advertising campaign and subsequently your business.


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