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How to learn from your mistakes and grow your business

How to learn from your mistakes and grow your business

Being successful in business relies on countless attributes, but ultimately none of this matters if you don’t have a positive, can-do attitude.


Okay, a poor approach towards anything in life is a sure sign of failure, and the worst business owners are soon found out when their business fails, but what we at SalesRadar wish to advocate is an attitude of bouncebackability.


The late, great Stephen Covey, in his business bible The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People nailed this when he said there is, “a gap between stimulus and response.” He concludes the key to growth and happiness is how people choose to use that space between stimulus and response.


We say the seeds of outstanding sales success and ultimately growing your business is also in that gap.


For entrepreneurs and their teams this is more pertinent than for most, because business has its ups and downs.


When all is well there are sales galore and it’s easy to get carried away, crack open a bottle of Bollinger and light up a Cuban cigar and tell all and sundry the secret to your success. But when the sales dry up the opposite is true – fear creeps in and you fret for your livelihood. However, that is the nature of being an employer rather than an employee – the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.


Having the resolve and faith to analyse what is going wrong and then getting right back out there in front of prospects attempting to make sales is paramount if you are to achieve success.


This isn’t saying that you should act all jolly after a big contract you pitched for went to your competitor- that’s unrealistic and goes against human nature. However, it’s about taking stock and asking the big questions as to why you lost out.


Disappointment and success is the nature of sales and business, but people who succeed more than others aren’t somehow superhuman – all they do is take the knocks, but get back up quicker.


They might not have always been like that either, recognising and learning from past mistakes can make all the difference to how you act in the future. It is a habit, a good habit that can be learnt.


Having the self-awareness to realise you are dwelling on a failure for too long is a good start, and asking your business partner or life partner to observe you and your response to setbacks is well worthwhile.


Also, try to look at yourself at times almost as if you were observing yourself from the outside and see if you’re acting like someone on the road to success. This ability to analyse oneself is something only we humans can do, and it is not practised anywhere near enough.


Failure is an essential part of the process on the way to success and although most of us in business will know, it’s easy to forget.


There are millions of sales opportunities available for good business owners who have the bravery to pursue them. Ultimately, it’s up to you how quickly you wish to go after them.


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