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How to increase your confidence and make more sales

How to Increase Your Confidence and Make More Sales


Most of us would agree that to make sales in our business we need a certain amount of self-belief.


Whether you’re a small business owner or sales professional, this applies to most us, and as everyone with business experience knows there are ups and the downs when it comes to running your own company – with the ups being much higher and the lows being much lower.


For sales success though, it is imperative that you believe passionately in what you do and that you keep your level of self-esteem high, but whilst we can all bang ourselves over the head with motivational pep talks, sometimes it just isn’t that easy.


Even the most successful business owners are generally honest enough to admit they have had paralysing moments of self-doubt, but the difference with those that are successful and those who aren’t is that they managed to overcome it.


Personal development guru, Brian Tracy says the comfort zone is a massive threat to all of us and achieving all that we can be, and we at SalesRadar have to agree.


In all forms of growth, there is a feeling that you can’t do it, but fighting this and convincing yourself you can is a sure way to build self-confidence. Of course, unfamiliar situations make us feel uneasy, but self-confidence is like a muscle. Try new things, just small tiny little positive things frequently, and it actually becomes easier to face the unfamiliar and considerably less daunting.


It’s worth saying also that self-confident people do the things that they say they are going to do even if they don’t feel like it.


They write a list of sales goals each day and complete this list. Often the very best of them pick the task they want to do least and tackle it first. Doing this gives them the endorphins to do even more.


It also makes them more cheery, approachable and also more successful.


Of course, we all have good days and bad days, but what the most successful do is they don’t let their bad days give them a huge dent in their self-esteem.  They dust themselves off, and do it all again the next day.


However, remember they probably have not always been like that.


Building an iron resolve and self-confidence is like all healthy traits, it has to be learnt and practiced.


So, if you’re having as many bad days as good days, we simply ask you to make a promise to yourself to work on your self-confidence. Do those little steps where you keep a promise to yourself to do what you say you’ll do.


The more you do, the more your confidence will grow and the better you will become at sales and growing your business.  By repeating these good habits, your self-confidence will increase over time and worked upon enough it will ensure over time the bad days will be very few, and the good days will become the norm!


It’s a habit we all need to learn to succeed.  We wish you luck…


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