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How to avoid client neglect – the silent killer

How to avoid client neglect – the silent killer

All of us in business have at times, had that kick in the guts of losing a good client.

However, just in the way that new clients can appear from unexpected sources, old clients can disappear in just as many unexpected ways, but it can be tough to take.

Without doubt, this can be one of the most debilitating aspects of business, and you can sometimes feel like you’ve been abandoned.

However, those who outperform the competition with high sales performance actually don’t lose that many, because a lot of the time the painful truth is that rather than your client abandoning you, it’s more likely that your neglect left them feeling abandoned.

We at SalesRadar believe that introspective soul searching should be part of every healthy business’s daily habits.


It’s great to take responsibility and give out the high fives when it’s going well, but careful analysis is just as vital when things go wrong.

The blame game is a horrible pastime, so avoid it and instead focus on the learning game and so long as we all learn something from our failures, then the higher we will climb back up.

So, be honest and ask yourself if neglect made you lose that great client? Think about what went wrong based on all the evidence you have, and try and avoid making too many assumptions based on hunches. Do all you can to find out the facts, which will hopefully reduce or even, prevent the loss of future clients.


Ignoring your clients is just a way of neglecting them. Ask yourself if your standard or service has dropped?

Think of all those things you used to do for them? What happened? Why did you stop?

Good businesses and high sales performance requires that you don’t become complacent. It’s a competitive world out there and if you’re not treating your client as good as you can, then you can be sure someone else will.

You may have forgotten how well you used to treat that client, but you can be sure they won’t. Any tailing off in the service is going to be noticed and it may not be communicated to you. Over time this can be deadly.

Getting clients is great – it’s what we all need to do in business, but keeping them is what it’s all about to build a company of character with solid foundations.

Look at your clients and consider how they are developing. Maybe, their needs are changing. Keep them on your radar constantly – find out what’s happening with them, and see how you can help them build their own business.

Making sales is an interesting journey – full of highs and lows, but ultimately those who flourish are those who grow, adapt and listen to what the marketplace dictates.

Losing a client is painful, but the lesson in losing them might just help you in the future. Never forget this.



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