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IT Sales: Do Your Home Work


Successful IT Service sales requires significant preparation. Set out to learn as much about your prospect and their requirements as possible.


Before making that first sales call, prepare for it, do your homework. If the prospect is worth time and money traveling there and then another couple of hours at a meeting with them then it is certainly worth spending a few more minutes researching them. Ensure that you properly qualify them; make sure you ask the right questions about the size of the company, the industry and the platform. Because  by doing this you will know whether it is worth spending your valuable time on them.


This background research will give you the information you need to start executing their expectations immediately. Impress on them that you are selling an IT service and a solution to their problems, and that you’re not there to sell them a computer.


It is difficult to set up a successful IT business if you don’t concentrate on selling the services first. Make sure that they know that you’re a service provider from the beginning of the relationship. If you want to sell hardware, peripherals and website services, all well and good, but don’t lead with those, treat them as upsells. Make sure your prospect knows that you are there to sell a service. Otherwise the prospect might start shopping around for cheaper suppliers.


Interview them as they are interviewing you, if they are not right for your company then swiftly move on, find clients who you will enjoy working with in the long term. This will lead to a prosperous and long lasting relationship.



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