Google Doesn’t Always Have the Answer for Your Lead Generation…

Google Doesn’t Always Have the Answer for Your Lead Generation…

Google Doesn’t Always Have the Answer for Your Lead Generation…

Can you even remember the world before Google? It’s a strange thought, isn’t it? The ability to ‘google’ pretty much anything is almost a natural reaction. Google has also ruined pub quizzes and friendly debates too!


The search engine can return millions of results in less than a second. We searched for ‘Marketing Agencies in London’ and it returned about 92,000,000 results in 0.84 seconds – impressive!



But what if you wanted to find marketing agencies in London to build a prospecting list?


Maybe you’re planning on using a combination of lumpy mail and online marketing to fill your funnel and create opportunities and sales.


Would you be able to market to 92M businesses? It’s a bit far-fetched really, isn’t it!?


At SalesRadar we realised that finding the details of millions of businesses was important, but as superfast as Google is, it isn’t very targeted and isn’t specific at all. In those results you’ll certainly find all the marketing agencies in London, but you’ll find a lot more ‘noise’ and irrelevant information too.


Google isn’t as specific as SalesRadar

If you’re going to start a prospecting list then you’ll want to plan a marketing campaign with mail-outs, emails, paid ads, networking and of course some good old following up. You’ll want to make sure that you have the best data possible to do this, or should we say the most specific data.


Starting a campaign with the data from Google is simply madness (and would be incredibly costly) to even attempt. Even with some brilliant googling skills and a lot of time, you’ll struggle to be as specific as you need to be.


So we built another way…


With SalesRadar you can search specifically with a radius-targeting tool and find just the business listings in that area – not all the posts, news and everything else Google throws up.


SalesRadar is built for this purpose only, and that’s what makes it so clever and so powerful for your lead generation.


Let’s use our example above and search for ‘Marketing Agencies London’ with the Radar.



Now we’re more on track. You’ll notice there are not 92M pins in the results. This now gives you a more specific and more manageable task of setting up your lead generation.


We set the radius to target just 20 miles from the centre of London in the example above. The Radar will give you the ability to just target central London and surrounding area.


You could even set the radius to just one mile and find just those agencies in the city.



The specific search cuts the noise from Google and gives you a truly targeted list of business details to work with.


It’s all in the detail…

If you were to tackle this with Google, you could argue you’d find all these central London agencies, but you’d have to work a lot harder than the 10 seconds our system worked to create our results.


Even if you did just use Google and invest all your time into generating your list, you’d still have a rather large problem.


After you found your businesses in Google you’d have to find their contact details.


For a simple campaign you’d need:


  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Contact names
  • And social media accounts


You could certainly get all that from Google – eventually – but it’s going to take you a lot of time and effort.


We already have all that from our 10-second search.



Within each search result on the map are the details you’ll need to build a simple funnel. Each contact result will have a card with their details pre-populated. From here you can simply create a spreadsheet and share that with your team.


Adding your contacts into a funnel in seconds…

Once you have the results from your search, you can simply select the contacts you feel are right for your prospecting list and then add them directly into a funnel in SalesRadar.


At the click of a button you’ll be able to add the results, all or just the ones you want, right into a specific funnel.


This is far better than a spreadsheet.


Let’s go back a step…


In SalesRadar you can build a specific audience that you add tasks to depending on how you would like to contact and then follow up with your prospects. For a task like the one above you may want to build something like this first:


  • Send out lumpy mail
  • Call to check the mail landed
  • Arrange a meeting or further information to be sent
  • Follow and interact with social media accounts
  • Subscribe to their marketing material
  • Follow up on email
  • Call to update them


… and so on.


At each step, right within SalesRadar, you and/or your team will be able to update the contacts profile to show where they are in the funnel and what you need to do next. This will also help you refine your process.


Once you’ve built this, you can simply add your prospects from your Radar search right into your funnel and off you go with your process.


Find some more prospects later? Add them in too and work with them from stage one while you manage the other leads further ahead in your funnel.


You’ll be able to manage 100s of these leads en masse whilst still adding the human approach and feel to it.


Google does it in 0.84 seconds but takes weeks. We do it in 10 seconds and save you weeks instead

Google is a powerful tool but the information you’ll get back is so overwhelming that it’s pretty useless to you for lead generation, if we’re honest.


SalesRadar not only serves up incredibly specific data about leads, it has a sales funnel and system ready to go at the click of a button when you find them.


Looking for your ideal contact or client? Even Google isn’t as specific as SalesRadar (fact)!


Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

Book a session at the SalesRadar Academy now!




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