We’re Going to Give Away a Little CRM Secret…

We’re Going to Give Away a Little CRM Secret…

We’re Going to Give Away a Little CRM Secret…

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool) should be the heart of your business.


If you’re trying to grow your business then your CRM should be one of the areas you look first to find the possibilities and future sales in your funnel.


If you’re going to networking meetings and not using a CRM then you’re making it harder for yourself and/or your sales team.


If you’re not using your CRM to record conversations, enquiries, and sales opportunities in your business… then you might want to start pretty soon!


A CRM could be the beating heart of your business as it is for many of our customers. Many efficient business owners or sales managers head to their CRM daily (if not hourly!) to see what’s next, what their team are doing, and how they can effectively nurture warm leads.


SalesRadar (our CMR designed for Freelancers and Small Teams) was born out of a conversation


People told us they needed a simple and visual CRM. It was initially just for internal use within our small team. Then we rolled it out for around 100 beta testers who were able to help us tweak and improve the system. Now it’s on the market and has been since march 2016.


We’ve been working on some new and exciting options recently and we’ve decided to do something we’ve never before done in SalesRadar history.


We’re giving it away to you for free! Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Zero pounds.


Yes… you can now use a CRM package from SalesRadar, for FREE, forever!

Not only that, but we’ve added in something that will accelerate your networking and help you to gain more sales from small conversations. You’ll love how effective this will be when you use it.


Here’s what you’ll get in our forever free SalesRadar package.


Free Prospect Search

Use our Radar to target your ideal prospects and then add them to your CRM to contact and nurture them.


10 Opportunities

Place your ideal prospects into ‘Opportunities’ to help you track, build conversations, and convert them into sales. You’ll be able to select whether you win or lose these opportunities and you’ll have a visual presentation of your progress and success.


100 Contacts

 On the free version of SalesRadar you’ll be able to add up to 100 contacts which includes recording all their key information like email, phone number, business name, location, social media links, tasks, appointments, notes, and your opportunity can be added from above, too.


Networking Audience Included

 SalesRadar created a pretty awesome 120 day follow up process. This process is a pre-set list of tasks that span over 120 days and helps you to stay in contact, add value, and connect with the people you meet when out networking. You can add in the prospects with the simple scan of their business card, leaving you free to personally follow up, connect, and contact as and when SalesRadar tells you to using our tried and tested method. This makes the process incredibly simple and easy. You won’t forget any of the essential touchpoints you need to nurture your connections.


Free Sales Reporting

 You get sales reporting so you can see how successful you are with your networking follow ups. The sales reporting gives you our visual reporting that simply lays out how well you’re doing with sales leads and conversions. This is essential for any business owner who needs an overview of their sales and marketing wins and losses. Use it to work out what you could be doing better for next time.


Free forever!

 We’ll never charge you for this. If you keep within the 100 contacts limit and use the options we’ve mentioned above you’ll no doubt clear some great business by building strong relationships and never forgetting to follow up with them.


Why are we giving this to you for free?

Well, we’re very confident you’ll love SalesRadar and find it incredibly useful. After a while you’ll gain so much business from using it that you’ll probably want to use some of our other options and packages.


In the Premium Plans (which are still only £12/£27 a month) you get new custom fields option so you can tailor your CRM to your business a little more. You’ll also be able to add more contacts, more audiences, up to 25 searches on the Radar a day and a whole host of special tools to maximise your sales and marketing.


But for now… try us out for free, forever. Take your time to get to know the system. We’re confident that you’ll love it and if you need any help getting to grips with your CRM – just shout.


If you don’t love it, that’s also fine too. At least you didn’t pay to find out.


That said, our customers love SalesRadar and we’re happy to listen to their suggested inclusions for future releases. Join us now and be part of it.


SalesRadar: FREE forever… helping you gain more conversations and conversions in your networking, sales and marketing.

Get SalesRadar FREE right here.


Find prospects and track leads with SalesRadar. Simple and easy to use cloud based prospect finder and sales pipeline management software

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