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Getting Past The Gatekeeper

Sales calls require contacting the right person in order to be successful. However, getting past the gatekeeper is no easy feat. In this article, you’ll learn some techniques to help get you in touch with the person you need to for your cold calling.


Sales Cold Calls are Difficult


The biggest problem when cold calling is getting past the secretary gatekeeper/call screener who only takes your name and number and says we’re not interested?


So if you are going to get past the gatekeepers you will definitely need to develop a fool proof plan before you can start on the cold calling


How To Get Past the Gatekeeper:


  • You can always call before or after the gatekeeper leaves. Chances are they’re a nine to five, eight to six, or eight to four kind of person.
  • You can send an email
  • Send a letter
  • Send a postcard


These gimmicks however, have been around for a long time and many people see through them.


The best way is to become regarded as the “expert” in your community. Get to know other important local businesses in area like the accountants and lawyers and other solution providers in the area, hold your own seminars, volunteer, speak at events, join Networking schemes in the area and invest in some quality time in building your network.


Become well known in your area for the type of product/service that you offer. No one is going to buy from you until you have built up a level if trust with them. Tricking the secretary is not going to build up that confidence any faster.




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