Getting New Leads Might be Costing You Business…

Getting New Leads Might be Costing You Business…

Getting New Leads Might be Costing You Business…

Want more business? Of course you do. Without it you’ll be in trouble like ToysRus, Blockbuster, and some of the other big names we’ve seen fall. Innovating is incredibly important here, too.


But getting new customers is where your business focus should be concentrated. Isn’t it?


Well… sort of.


More often than not, we see businesses chasing new leads. Well, we would – that’s what SalesRadar is very good at creating.


But with your new leads and your exciting marketing and all that noise you’re making… did you ever stop to wonder if you’re doing the right thing? Do you believe it’s the best use of your time? Do you really need to constantly find fresh new interest in your business?


We want to talk about your current leads and your existing customers. You know, the ones you’ve attracted and convinced to either show an interest in you or even better, dig into their metaphorical pockets.



Chasing new leads might be costing you business…


In your business you’ll no doubt have enquiries, leads, interested people, and of course some social media following and maybe an email list or two.


These people might well have demonstrated that they’re interested in your business.


But you’ll also have a list of people who have asked for prices, had a call about services, or even those who have bought a small product or downloaded a free product.


These interested parties are more engaged than those who don’t know you yet. They’re further down your sales pipeline. They’re more likely to buy before the exciting new customers you ‘could’ find on LinkedIn or the visitors to the business expo you’re about to invest in.



Current leads will be cheaper to convert…


It’s natural to chase new business, but it’s more cost-effective to convert the interest you already have!



It will take far less investment of time and money to convert leads than it will be to create new leads.


It’s even cheaper to up-sell to current customers too. Those who have bought from you are more likely to buy and they need far less spent on marketing to make that decision. You already have the trust, right?


So it makes sense to spend more of your time on these people than chasing new and exciting enquiries that will be further down the pipeline and a longer way from saying “Yes!”.



Gaining new leads is tough and takes longer…


We’re not suggesting you always go for the easy option, but it’s easier to convert your interested parties than your unknowns. Of course you should be looking to find new leads, as without that activity you won’t have current interest to convert, but don’t ever lose sight of the ones who are almost ready to convert.


Gaining new interest, marketing your business, investing in ads and content and social media, shows and networking is hard work. You need to do it… but converting the people who already have their hands up is a lot easier and more fruitful!



A CRM can manage it all for you…


You’re human. You’ll forget. It’s not your fault that you may have let the odd one go. We’ve all done it. But it’s so much easier when you have a CRM like SalesRadar.


Every time you get a lead, enquiry, social media question, or “hey – send me some more information, please” – you should put it in your CRM.


Recording all these interested leads and then setting a time to give them what they ask for or need and then reminding yourself to remind them will grow your business.


Believe it or not, your business, service or product isn’t in the front of your customers’ minds all the time! It’s just not.


Reminding them, following up with them, and using passive, helpful, and gentle follow-ups will help to drive your conversions and build your business.


Yes, go out and gain new leads, but don’t forget about the ones you already caught. If you do, you’re just a fisherman with a hole in your net and your daily catch will be far lighter than it deserves to be.


SalesRadar can help you find, nurture and convert your leads. If you need help to set it up to net you more business just give us a shout.


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