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Get away from the desk to stay ahead in sales

Get away from the desk to stay ahead in sales

One of the greatest problems in modern business is the inability of many to get away from their desk.


Just a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at The Business Networking Show and listening to Gary Turner, MD of Xero, the accounting software company, which has grown rapidly in recent years.


Mr Turner spoke of the journey from kitchen table to board room, and one of the rules he still sticks by is the need to get out and about and mix up the week. He said it keeps the mind sharper and opens new possibilities.


We at SalesRadar advocate this approach because in business it’s crucial that you get away from your desk and mix in the business community. After all, the world can become a small place if you’re stuck in the office for too long.


You need to get out there and meet people. Go out and see clients, for instance and find out if what you do for them is helping – see where you can add value.

Finding out what there pressing needs are could mean earning more. This mind-set is the one of someone who creates value and tries to really walk in their footsteps.

However, it’s not just about customers. Too many business owners, even small businesses can really lose touch with how their team are doing.

The best bosses are able to step out with the team, and hear their concerns, and look at where their performance is good and bad. They keep reviewing things.

However, to do this you have to get out! It can’t be done by firing off a few emails here and there. It has to be done by getting out there and really experiencing what your prospects, clients and workers are living day by day.


Also, meeting new people through networking, conferences and events – listening to new ideas can really help move your business on.

The fact is that to be an effective business owner you need to get away from the desk and see what you’re missing. It’s not only healthy but mixes up those creative juices, generating ideas to help you grow your business.

Making sales is about building relationships and having your finger on the pulse so, make a commitment today to shake things up a bit – get out of your usual routine, and go meet others.

You may well find that it’s the best things you’ve ever done


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