9 Simple and Really Effective Tips on Generating Sales Leads with Social Media

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9 Simple and Really Effective Tips on Generating Sales Leads with Social Media

9 Simple and Really Effective Tips on Generating Sales Leads with Social Media

This guest blog is brought to you by Todd from Spaghetti Agency, the Social Media Cowboy,


Social media is everywhere. It’s being used to great effect by politicians, brands and public services. It’s changing the young, educating the old, and making sure that your night out never gets forgotten (whether you like it or not).


Social media, like many things, can be a force for good or bad. Used well, it can really make a difference to the world and your business.


How often do you stop to think about how social media could help your business, or more specifically – generating your sales leads?


Social media is a superb driver of conversation to your business and traffic to your website but it’s also a great way to generate leads, too. Here are nine simple ways to grow your leads and fill your sales funnel by using social media.



Twitter Lists


Twitter lists are a hugely underused part of Twitter. Twitter lists allow you to create a public or private list to organise people on Twitter in one place. It allows you to see all the public tweets from any public account, in one place, away from the maddening crowds of the home timeline.


Twitter lists are great for keeping an eye on all the tweets from industry experts, suppliers, customers, or your team. So why not your leads?


Create a Twitter list from your profile and then name it something sensible and give it a description so you know what it’s for. For this example, I would create a private list (just select private from the options at the bottom) so the people you put in the list won’t know you’re watching them.


You actually don’t have to follow someone to put them in a list so this is ideal if you want to watch from afar.


Now you have to add people into your lists. I would put in anyone you think you’d like to work with, people you’ve had conversations with, and maybe people you’d like to speak to in future. By putting them into a Twitter list you can give them your undivided attention and make them feel good, spot any problems they have that you can fix, and be there to chat and network with them.


Be interested in your leads and stay up-to-date with them – put them in a Twitter list!


Twitter Hashtags


Hashtags are arguably the reason Twitter grew so fast. The simple process of linking conversation from all over the world is perfect for finding great people in interesting conversations.


For your sales leads I would highly recommend finding some relevant hashtags to go and play with. Think about your ideal target customer: what do they talk about and what types of hashtags do they use? They could be geographical or they might be industry related. This may take some time to get right but it’ll be worth the investment.


Once you have a great place to go and speak to people – get involved. Help them, talk to them and add them to your ‘Leads Lists’ above.


Hashtags help you find your ideal prospects.



Facebook Ads


Facebook Adverts are undeniably one of the most cost-effective forms of online advertising. Facebook gives you the opportunity to appear in the timelines of your ideal customers through targeting and location.


Imagine you’re a local accountant looking for new business. With Facebook ads you can target small business owners with an interest in running a business, online accounting software and maybe some small business magazines or Facebook pages that they like. Then you can target their age and gender and also their location.


Simply advertise to them with a generic ‘Speak to us now’ ad, or you could give away a free eBook or whitepaper to help them… in exchange for their email address. Once you have their data you can carefully approach them and add them to your sales pipeline and start to try and warm them up.


Facebook ads help you get in front of the right eyes in the right place.



Facebook Re-targeting


Re-targeting is a powerful way to market your business. Facebook allows you to add a small pixel of code on any page of your website (the more specific the better) and then advertise to that visitor on Facebook. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this you’ll know how spooky it can be!


You can effectively follow your audience around Facebook (and the rest of the internet with their advertising partners) and keep your business in their mind. If you offer training for example (like we we do), you could add a pixel to your training page then re-target those page visitors on Facebook with an ad. You already know they’re vaguely interested!


Re-targeting on Facebook works because your ad lands on timelines of warm sales leads



LinkedIn Posts


A great way to use LinkedIn now has to be the Published section of the platform. You can create long-form content like a blog post and publish it right there on LinkedIn. The benefit of doing this is that all of your connections will be notified about your post and hopefully read it.


The second benefit is that posts on LinkedIn are engineered to be shared. Even a ‘like’ of a post will share it with your audience. If a user reads your post and likes it, the chances are they’ll share it automatically with their connections.


Add a simple call to action or a free eBook at the end of your post to gather leads or simply encourage comments and find interested parties in your connections and beyond. Remember: it’s not just your connections that see your published posts.


LinkedIn published posts are engineered to be shared – reach a new and engaged audience



Facebook Live


Live video is this season’s buzz word in online marketing. The ability to ’Go Live’ and share your story is now available to everyone on Facebook. To ‘Go Live’, simply start a new status update and hit the live man (he’s red with two beacons above his head) and you’re live in your connections’ timelines.


The way to grow sales leads with Live is to treat it like a webinar. Promote the fact that you’ll be live online at a certain time to get as many people on the stream as possible and then gather emails at the end.


It’s best to go Live when more people are around, so evenings are good. Give your follwers plenty of warning. You might want to create a nice graphic and advertise it for a week to get more people to your stream.


Then, when you go Live, give some great value and offer them a freebie at the end in exchange for their email address. You’ll have to get someone to post a link with the landing page in the comments or simply add it in at the beginning in the description and refer back to it in the broadcast. Or you create a really simple link with bitly and shout it out or write it on a board and show it. We have a Bitly link on my Twitter. It’s short and simple to remember and say, where long URLs are not!


Go Live and generate some interest in your business with free content in exchange for email addresses.



Follow More Accounts on Twitter


This one sounds simple, and it is! Following people on Twitter generally gets you more followers. If you follow someone they’re notified in their notifications that you followed them and although they don’t have to follow back, they often do.


The aim here would be to follow the people you can most likely help and encourage and nurture a strong following of people you can eventually turn into leads. Then you have to make sure that the content you share on Twitter is all aimed at converting people to join your tribe and get on your email list.


Twitter followers are the early shoots of a new lead – go and sow some more!



Guest Posting


Sharing your knowledge on someone else’s blog (like this) is a great way to gain an audience from another network. If they platform you’re posting on is relevant to your own business, then all the better.


It’s great to post on your own blog and I would encourage you to do it as often as you can but posting on another blog gets you into the space of a whole new audience. Share some tips and insights and demonstrate yourself as the expert and you’ll gain a few new fans and leads. Don’t forget to put a link back to your website too (great for sales leads and SEO, too).


Guest posting gets you in front of new eyeballs and helps you gain fresh sales leads.



Facebook and LinkedIn groups


Groups are a great place to network online. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are busy, topical and organised. There are plenty of great local groups as well as specialist groups too. I would pick a few good ones and invest your time chatting, networking and adding value to these groups.


This is a long game, but over time you will be seen as the expert in your niche if you play it well and contribute consistently. I get tagged in groups all the time as the go-to guy for social media training. The sales leads are literally sent to me by other people in the group who see people needing help with social.


Get your niche down and show them what you’ve got in Facebook and LinkedIn groups



Generating Sales Leads Between Networking


Networking is a great way to gather sales leads. At most networking events you get to have good conversations and swap business cards to add in your CRM. (There’s a new app for that!)


But the networking doesn’t have to stop there…


Why not use social media to link up all that networking online and continue the relationship building online and in-between the meetings. Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn make it very easy to connect and keep chatting online. Add people you meet at networking to your social media and then add them to a networking list on Twitter and tag their profile on your LinkedIn to give you quick access to them.


Networking doesn’t stop when the meeting ends – get social between the meetings.



Social media can drive you crazy… or it can drive your business!


Social media is a great driver of conversation and traffic and it really can boost your sales leads too. Once you have the leads, use a tool like SalesRadar to keep your eye on them and be there when they need you.


Social is a great tool to watch what people are saying about you, your brand or a topic you can help with. Use it intelligently and tie it into a CRM tool and you’re onto a winner!


Need a simple and effective CRM and sales funnel? Try SalesRadar here for free!

Spaghetti Agency Guest Blog generating Sales Leads with Social Media

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