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Forgetting to follow up on your leads is costing you business… 80% of your business!

Forgetting to follow up on your leads is costing you business… 80% of your business!

Have you ever been waiting for a call that didn’t come? Were you promised an email that didn’t arrive? Remember that old friend who you saw in the street who said they’d call you as they ran to their car…?


When people don’t contact you, you might think a bit negatively about them.


It happens the other way around, too.


Now, that’s all fine if you’re just trying to arrange a few drinks with an old friend. But when your business is at stake it gets a little more serious.


Marketing, networking, and any form of advertising is all aimed to gain new leads.


The whole purpose of a marketing campaign is to raise awareness and get attention and interest.


When you finally get a lead it feels great, doesn’t it? Someone shows an interest in your product or service and you’re elated because you know you can help them.


But then something all too common and painful happens and it’s happening to you right now.


Following up on those leads, nurturing those conversations, and simply remembering to actually do what you promised isn’t happening as it should. Leads slowly slip away with time.


Ironically, the more successful you become, the worse this problem gets – and it’s all down to your human brain and how it’s designed.


You see, despite what you might think about the human brain it isn’t actually that good at remembering things. Of course you can recall memories, smells, music and occasions from decades ago, and grandparents all over the world tell stories from their childhood like they happened just yesterday.


But it’s not perfect. Your memory isn’t designed to recall exact data and your brain will struggle with old pin numbers, the phone number of your first partner, or the number plate of your friend’s old car at college.


It’s just not built to do that.


It’s also not built to remember every single piece of information about prospects you meet at networking. And it’s certainly not wired to remind you on the right day, at the right time, to email, call, or ask to arrange a meeting.


It’s also not built to systemise that process.


It’s not your fault. It’s just how you’re built.


That amazing computer in your head is more powerful than any computer on the earth, but it’s rubbish at remembering to email Phil Jones at 12.30pm on Wednesday because you know he’ll be on the train on his way to London right after that great event he went to. You know if you email him then he’ll be picking up his emails and he’ll be in the best place to agree that work you’d like to do for him.


Your brain isn’t built for that.


Forgetting to follow up on leads is easy, but the problem is that it can also be catastrophic for your business.


Following up takes time and effort, and it takes a process built on human emotions. Most will fall at the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th follow-up with a prospect or lead. Most won’t get to 5th base where the magic happens.


In this busy world, you might even have to follow-up 9 or 10, 11, or 12 times. You brain is going to have a heck of a lot of trouble remembering all that.


So don’t.


Don’t remember it.


Get a system to do it for you.


Get an intelligent system that you tell when the best time is to follow up and tell it what happened when you did.


Get a system that will stop you stuttering for answers on the phone during an out-of-the-blue call from a prospect; you’ll have all the info right in front of you with a good system.


Use a process-driven system to make sure you never ever forget to send that email, call that prospect, or send over something you promised you would.


Stop ignoring people you meet at networking meetings and start building on the relationship and be there when they’re ready to say yes.


SalesRadar was built out of frustration.


We needed a tool to keep us on track with everything that we were doing for our paying clients. We also needed more paying clients and we wanted to stay ‘interested’ in leads and prospects.


If you’re anything like us, you know exactly what you need to do to get new business. You know the things to say, the way to say it, and you’re pretty good at closing the deal when you get the chance.


But you forget… you’re only human, remember?


So SalesRadar was built to be our brain, our process and our relationship builder. SalesRadar is told just once how we want to follow up with our leads and it never forgets, it never loses email addresses, and it knows every single phone number, address and even the favourite coffee of your clients and leads.


SalesRadar makes you look (and feel) like a superhuman.


By simply building a process and loading your lead or prospect into it, you could be set tasks, reminded to follow up (over and over again), and you’ll also have important data at your fingertips on your computer, table or smartphone in an instant.


80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th follow-up and yet nearly 80% of sales people don’t get past the 4th.


Don’t be one of those who give up and lose out.


The money in your business is in the follow-up. The initial interest is only the beginning, and you’ll need to nurture and grow every single one of those leads into a business relationship.


Not all of them will say “yes” and that’s OK if you’re following up with them all. You’ll have plenty of “yes” moments to focus on.


But if you’re in the 80% who don’t reach the 5thcontact point, or the whopping 48% who don’t even start to follow up, then you’re not going to get many yes’s!


There’s a simple process that you can set into SalesRadar to help you nurture and grow the interest into paying customers and clients.


Your follow-up won’t consist of just one type of touch point. It may well involve a lengthy process that you go through each time and it will certainly need 5-12 follow-ups. That’s why you need a simple, visual pipeline to remind you, guide you, and turn you into a sales machine – even if you don’t like selling.


Your knowledge of your business, products, services and clients is second to none. You can guide the process in SalesRadar when you start. That’s where you excel. Then, SalesRadar will faithfully remind you what you decided to do and how you decided to do it.


Soon you’ll be gathering all your prospects’ details, adding them to your social media, contacting them at key times, reminding them of what you discussed, following up after those phone calls, and reminding them of the benefit of working with you and then asking them for the sale again.


Set it once, follow-up forever.


The business is in the follow-up – but your brain isn’t built to remember to do it.


So we built SalesRadar to do it for you.


All you have to do is decide how you’re going to do it and how far you can really take your business.


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