Five Simple Reasons Why Following-up is Vital in 2019 (With Tips On How To Do It!)

Five Simple Reasons Why Following-up is Vital in 2019 (With Tips On How To Do It!)

Five Simple Reasons Why Following-up is Vital in 2019 (With Tips On How To Do It!)

What we hear when we speak to small and medium businesses is that they’re constantly looking for new leads. They tell us that if they could have something magically fixed overnight it would be having more leads and converting them.

We understand that.

But what we’re always concerned about is this:

  • Could you cope right now with a dramatic increase in leads and enquiries?
  • And do you have a system to follow-up with them all?

Our years of experience tells us that one of the key areas for turning leads into sales is following-up, and having an effective system to do that.

Following-up is really quite simple. Yet ask anyone in the networking space and they’ll tell you that not only do they not do it for everyone they meet, but hardly anyone follows-up with them either.

So, there’s a problem.

What if you got stacks of new leads right now? What would you do next? And how would you plan to follow-up with them all?

Let’s just be honest with each other here. Not everyone says, “Yes!” right away, do they?

So, you’ll need to follow-up. Probably more than a couple of times!

Here are five reasons you need to, and some helpful tips for following-up. Hopefully you’ll get some insight which will make you a better follow-upper in 2019.

It’s important to your business and brand

Here’s the first and possibly most important one to your business. If someone enquires on your website, social media, phone or out networking, they’re interested. To get that enquiry is great in itself, yes? It’s a busy world out there and they chose you amongst possibly some other companies.

Even if the enquiry isn’t right for you, you need to respond and reply. It’s just manners, but also it shows that your company cares. That person, whoever they may be, will know other people and likely some who might need you now or in the future. Nothing says “don’t contact” than a company who ignores their leads.

An existing customer might forgive you for being slack with correspondence a few times. But a new lead doesn’t know you and has zero relationship with you, so you don’t get that second chance most of the time.

Follow-up – it’s bad for your brand if you don’t!

You’ll get forgotten if you don’t

Let’s say you’re interested in the work and you know you can do it. You have a great call or chat and then, because you don’t really have a process or system, you forget to call them in a week or drop them that email you promised to send.

Unless they’re really into you and really want to work with you, that could be the end of your conversation. Oops.

You see, they might simply forget you as they’re busy and they may well have asked around. You’re forgettable in this busy world and when you don’t follow-up, you increase your chances of not getting the business.

Follow-up – you’re not the only one being asked!

You’ll show you want the business

Showing you’re eager is important and following-up, even in the first instance with a quick “thanks for the meeting” email is a great way to show you’re keen and ready to receive the business.

What does it say when you don’t? Interesting thought, isn’t it.

Following-up quickly and in a timely organised fashion might just tip the balance in your favour when you’re in line with some other companies. We’ve seen and heard this so many times before and we’re certain you’ve chosen someone because they show that they want the business, and this goes beyond following-up.

Follow-up – make the moves to bring the sales

Someone else might follow-up

Look out – obvious statement coming your way. You’re not the only one who does what you do. You’re also not the only one going networking, not the only one running Facebook ads, not the only one with a nice website, not the only one getting enquires from that company.

So, follow-up before the others do!

You’re not the only one in the race. Make the effort. Make more effort than the others and show your prospects that you want the business.

Follow-up – you’re not the only one asking!

Most people don’t follow-up

And to follow on from the reason above, most people don’t actually follow-up so the competition pitching for the work might not be either. This gives you a really great advantage and puts you out there, way ahead of the others.

It’s so simple, it’s almost unbelievable, but most companies are really bad at following up and you only need to be better than them. With the bar so low, so much work is wide open for the taking!

Follow-up – you could be in a one-person race!

Make it easy with SalesRadar…

Following-up is simple and effective but it needs a system behind it. Knowing and remembering when it’s right to follow-up will be the difference between winning the business or not. When your competitors are lacking in that area, it’s a given that you should get better at it.

Getting reminders and setting tasks to follow-up or even adding in a process to each and every lead you get is easy with SalesRadar and it’s one of the main reasons we built the software – to help businesses like yours.

Each time you get a new lead or enquiry, build them into your system on SalesRadar and you’ll be far better placed to nuture them and monitor the success of your processes.

Don’t forget. Don’t wing it. Get SalesRadar!


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