Five Fantastic Ways to use a CRM That You Might Not Have Thought of!

Five Fantastic Ways to use a CRM That You Might Not Have Thought of!

A CRM is an essential piece of software for any business. No matter the size of your business, knowing what’s happening with conversations with your customers or prospects, having a place for their contact details, and being able to remind yourself to contact them is business 101.

When you start out in business there are some very obvious things that you need like source an accountant, build a website, print some business cards and other go to items… but we’d like to include finding a CRM to that list. They’re essential for business growth and the management of your client base.

We’d like to share some simple, clever, and powerful ideas with you for your CRM use. You might already be doing some of these, in which case – awesome! But we find these five ideas are really great as those incognito, almost unnoticed actions that can gently help you build your business.

Let’s take a look…

1. Knowing your customers’ favourite stuff

You’ll have heard the cliché a million times, because it’s true. People buy from people. It’s therefore really important that you treat your customers like… people! We all have our little qualms, our likes and dislikes, and we all have those special little things that make us smile.

If you find something like that for your customer, you’d be wise to remember it. Maybe your customer likes a certain music, a specific coffee, or they’re a fan of a particular sport. This can even work on prospects as it gives you some great information on them that enables you to have a deeper relationship and better conversations with them.

Think about how great they’ll feel when you ask them about their favourite sport while buying them their favourite coffee? Maybe they mention they love Kit Kats, so you send them one in the post with a note to tell them to have a two minute break. Who wouldn’t remember that and love you for it?!

2. Noting where you met them

Running a business? We suspect you’re busy and that means you’ll forget simple things, obvious things that don’t really matter to you. The little steps that lead to the things that do matter (leads, sales, and profits) tend to be pushed aside.

How did you meet your client? Where did you first get in contact with your customer? Knowing this is great for two reasons:

  1. You can track your lead generation and do more activity in the right places
  2. You’ll be able to show that your customer is important as you’ll remember that first, all important touchpoint.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Add this all-important information into your CRM each and every time you meet someone. You can tag them or simply add a note to their contact.

3. Reminding you who they are when you meet them

“I know your face from somewhere…”


How many times have you done this one? You go to a networking meeting and you meet someone who you recognise but don’t know where or when you met previously or what you talked about.

Now, if you’ve used the tip above, you’ll be OK. Open up your CRM app on your phone, and search for them. You’ll have some information on where you met and some other details on conversations – even if it’s just the first one – that can jog your memory.

But what if you can’t remember their name? Ask for their business card again because you’d like to send them something, or ask someone nearby “You don’t happen to know who that is, do you?”

Then briefly pop to the corner of the room (or even the WC) and check them out.

And relax! You can now look like you didn’t forget them!

4. Checking their social media

A CRM will often give you the links to your contact social media right there in their contact page. SalesRadar does this by using the email and website data you input into the system.

Using social media as part of your sales follow-up is a really great idea and most good CRMs have this feature built in.

Add in their details, link their social media, and you’ll have a quick snapshot or a link to view more. Powerful when you use what they’ve recently put on social media to start or re-ignite a conversation!

5. Reminding you to ‘touch base’

And we couldn’t leave this one out (even if you think it’s really obvious). Your CRM is there to remind you to stay in contact. Most sales conversations need at least five touch points, five ‘touch base’ conversations before you make a sale. Sometimes it’s many more.

Adding reminders to your contacts to check-in and say hello, even if just for the sake of staying in touch, is a proven and successful sales technique.

Your CRM can remember an infinite number of tasks. Can you? No, of course you can’t. Use your CRM like a second brain; like an assistant that’s always by your side. Your CRM can be there right when you need it to say, “Have you spoken to Sarah lately?”

Stay ahead, on top, and familiar with your contacts

A CRM is more than just a list of contacts. Start using it to drive conversations, show that you care and remember your leads and customers, and help you out when you don’t.

How do you use your CRM? We’d love to know, as we’re keen to get feedback too.

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