Fear of Rejection Is Ruining Your Sales

Fear of Rejection Is Ruining Your Sales

Sales aren’t at the top of most people’s list. It’s probably because they usually go hand in hand with rejection. When you hear successful salespeople speak or when you read their books, it seems they’ve managed to cope with rejection and just got better at getting on with it.

But that’s a tough one to learn if you really don’t want to experience rejection. Door-to-door sales has now become cold calling and then somewhere along the way we started hiding behind email because it’s safer.

The simple fact is: if you were guaranteed a yes every time, you’d ask a lot more.


But you’re not because your customers and leads won’t say yes every time. They might just not be ready to buy right now, they may not have the cash or the authority to make the decision or there may be a whole heap of other reasons too. Rejection is almost guaranteed in sales.


But if you don’t ask, you don’t get (sales)!

On average, it takes between 5–12 times to convert a lead into a sale. Of course, many simply won’t ever convert, but if you don’t ask and all that…

Asking for business is part of sales and being in business means you’re in sales, so we need to find a solution to all this.

Much of the research suggests that you’re making yourself feel very vulnerable by asking for something that you don’t feel certain will be a positive response.

In her TED talk The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer talked about our fear of vulnerability and how feeling judged is prohibiting us from asking for what we really want. We’re holding ourselves back!

We were wondering: Could a system help us? Could automating some of the ‘asking’ help us to get more yeses, and could it encourage you to ask more?


A system gives you more indication of a yes

Asking for business can feel like asking for money, or asking for a favour.

Maybe it takes you back to that time you asked for a date to the dance and were met with a laugh or rejection.

When you delve into why you do or don’t do what you need to do, there are often some skeletons in your historic closet.

But what if you had more of an indication that your request would get a yes? What if you had a system that showed you the people to call, and the people to keep warm?

If you build a sales funnel in SalesRadar you’ll be able to see where your leads are on the pipeline. You’ll be able to spot the ones who simply need pushing over the line and the leads that might not be ready just yet.

A really simple example of this is checking how a lead is interacting with your emails. Are they engaged? Do they open and, more importantly, click on your content? If so, they’re more likely to be interested in you and more likely to give you a yes.

Setting up a content funnel to send out great articles and helpful guides and then checking in with them to follow up can work really well. It works because you’ll start to spot patterns, and that makes it easier to pinpoint the more positive outcomes and avoid asking too soon with the less engaged leads.


Automating some of it will help you get to 5+ asks

Most business won’t come from the first ask. Rejection is a part of the process, and however hard it is, you need to go through it.

But that doesn’t have to mean 5 face-to-face meetings. It doesn’t have to be 5 cold calls. Those 5–12 touchpoints could well come via a mixture of content, emails, calls, social media nudges and interactions at networking meetings.

Having a system in place ensures you’ll get more of those touchpoints, more of those nudges and reminders sent, and in a more timely and organised fashion.

Five calls in a day would be obscene. Meeting someone today and emailing them in a year would be a waste. We need to find a combination that works and is timely enough not to annoy your leads.

Automating some emails, reminding yourself to call, tweet, connect or other would be much better. Having a system to do this means you can manage this en masse with countless leads too; something that is not possible with your memory alone.


Using a sales funnel stops you going in cold

There’s nothing worse in sales than cold marketing. Going in cold on the phone, on email, at a networking event – it’s a sure-fire way to get a no and that awful feeling of rejection.

So don’t do it. Don’t ask for the sale right away.

Build a system to follow up and nurture your leads so they get to know you, learn from you, trust you, and then show an interest in you.

This isn’t a trap and it’s not a sales tripwire or snare – it’s purely a way of helping people, spotting those you could really help and then converting them to become your customer.

It’s not sales – it’s a service that benefits you both!


Oh…!? A no isn’t always a bad thing!

In her TED Talk, Amanda Palmer makes a very valid point:

“Through the very act of asking people, I’d connected with them.”

You see, even when you get a no, it’s still a connection. When you think about it, your entire business is built on connections with other people, so getting a no is just another link in the chain of your sales funnel.

Asking builds your connection stronger and stronger. A no isn’t even a no all the time. More often than not, if you’re really clever about it, a no is actually a “not right now”. Your CRM can remind you to follow up when it’s more likely to be a yes and you can then move on to the next lead or enquiry.

It’s all about human interaction on a big scale. You’ll cope with a few leads early on in business, but to really grow you need a systemised approach so you and your team can manage and grow your sales.


Let a system ask for the business. Most of the sales in your business are lost when a lead is left unfollowed…

Lost sales shouldn’t happen in your business, but they probably are purely because you forget or don’t ask for the business. Following up after a business show is such a simple way to gain business, but we’re always amazed how many don’t.

Don’t forget to ask – it’s a powerful way to connect.

Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

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