Empowering Your Team and Growing Your Business With a CRM

Empowering Your Team and Growing Your Business With a CRM

Empowering Your Team and Growing Your Business With a CRM

There’s no doubt about it, two heads are better than one. And ten heads are often better than five. Getting a team together to help you achieve more in your business helps you to grow, develop, and ultimately be more profitable.


Weekly or daily meetings are fine when you have a very small team, but with the ever-increasing remote working culture, how do you keep everyone on track, on the same page and working seamlessly together in real time?


Cloud-based software enables businesses all over the globe to work together on projects.


Tools like SalesRadar make it simple, effective and even fun to do. Emails, calls, conversations, projects, tasks, and even useful information about a lead, prospect or customer should be at the fingertips of everyone who’s working on that customer or project.


Allowing this information to flow quickly and efficiently could change your business. No more messy email threads, pointless phone calls, or wasted time on meetings! Just input all the relevant information into a central point and you can all work on a project, lead or customer at once.


That’s why we created SalesRadar.


Here are six ways a CRM like SalesRadar could help your business survive, thrive, and grow.


Contact information


Get the simple stuff right first. It’s not that hard to but it’s easy to overlook the importance of arranging the basics.


It was David Allen that said, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them” and the same can be said for all those tiny details that don’t seem to (on the surface) matter too much. Most people couldn’t remember the phone number of their spouse let alone their business contacts – and what about those email addresses and other important details?


Get the small stuff done well by recording your customer details in your CRM. Don’t forget the importance of birthdays, preferred methods of contact, and where you met them first. All small details, but important. Record them in your CRM and make it a habit to do so every time.


Social media links


Web 2.0 is alive and well and you’re mostly likely quite happy to chat to clients on social media as you are on email or the phone. In SalesRadar we give you a place to link your prospects’ social media accounts so you’re not left scrambling for them on an important call when they say “Did you see that article I shared this week?”.


Having a quick look at your prospect or customer’s social media before a call or email or even a meeting can be worth its weight in gold. Social media is a totally different platform from email and the phone, too, so you might well learn something new about them which you can discuss as part of your relationship building.




One of the main reasons we created SalesRadar was that we were forgetting to follow up our leads. It’s so simply to do and if you’ve ever been to a business event like a business show, expo, or networking event then you’ll know how bad other people are at it too!


Following up is so important and so business-changing that when you get a system in place to do it you’ll wonder how you ever even managed your business before.


A CRM like SalesRadar helps you follow up by first giving you a profile to add in all the details and then allowing you to set tasks to remind you to check in with them from time to time as well. You never know when people are ready to buy, or when they’d like more information but won’t ask until you prompt them.




Every customer or client will have tasks that you or your team will need to complete. Being able to assign tasks to each other, tick them off, and create new tasks, keeps you all working on a customer or lead in real time.


In SalesRadar we made sure that each task can have a category or person assigned to it and it even integrates with your most popular calendars too.


Now you’ll be able to see at a glance what you need to do for your leads, enquiries or customers and pull in some help by assigning tasks to others when you need to. And you’re much less likely to send the same email as another member of your team to the same person, which can look unprofessional.


Notes and threads of work so far


Keeping a running commentary of notes and actions in your CRM is essential when you’re running a remote or large team but it’s also useful for a one-person business too.


How many conversations do you have in a week?

How many leads and tasks are you working on at one time?


How will you keep on top of all that? (tasks) And how will you know what you’ve done (notes). In SalesRadar we added notes to help you create a running commentary to show you and your team what’s going on.


This is deal for notes after a phone call, a quick copy and paste of an email or even those social media messages you might get.


Opportunities – Current, won and lost!


And then we can move towards the money. Let’s face it, you need more people to say, “Yes” and working through your CRM will help with that. We’ve built in a visual pipeline so you can see how you’re doing at any one time. In each contact you can see what opportunities you have, which ones you lost, and the ones that you won.


If you hand over a client to another member of the team this is all essential reading for them when tied in with the notes and current tasks.


Empower your team and drive growth with a simple but effective communication tool


SalesRadar is a series of conversations. The details, tasks, notes, and possible opportunities are a really simple cloud-based way to keep your team talking to each other and your customers.


“Communication makes the world go round. It facilitates human connections, and allows us to learn, grow and progress.” – Richard Branson.


Keep those lines of communication going and keep everyone moving towards the same goal.


SalesRadar will help you grow and build. Ask us how.



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