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Qualified Leads

Don’t Let Your Hot Leads Go Cold

Every day in sales and business is critical. The lead you got today could possibly be in the hands of your rival tomorrow. That’s the reason I can’t stress enough the significance of exploiting your leads as soon as you get them.


Leads are not meant to sit around on someone’s desk, or placed on file. They are meant to be acted on immediately.


The potential customer has put the word out that they are interested in purchasing a particular product or service and are shopping around for the best deal or product that solves their problem.


Qualified Leads


If someone within your networking circle gives you a qualified lead, it is highly likely then that a number of people are aware of this person’s interest. This means that their contact details may have been made available to a number or your rivals.


It is therefore vitally important that you make a initial contact the moment you receive the lead, by not doing so you, you are allowing your competitors to get ahead of you, and giving your potential customer the chance to find someone else to provide them with the product they require.


I once worked with a salesman who belonged to a few networking groups, and when he received a lead at one of his weekly gatherings, he would come back to the office, stick the lead onto his logbook and let it sit there for a few days. When he finally got around to calling the customer, he always got the same response. The customer would inform him that they were no longer needed, because they had purchased what they wanted from someone else. He would then put the phone down and complain about his bad luck when it came to leads. The message here is clear. This is an example of what not to do with your leads.


Act Immediately


By not acting immediately you are guaranteed to lose that customer. Bear in mind, that when someone gives you a lead, that someone is most likely giving your potential customer feed-back. So that potential customer will have your name, and know when the lead was given to you.

Your potential customer will most likely not appreciate a phone call three to five days after you have received their information. Even if they are still on the market for your product, you will not be off to a good start.


Leads are meant to be acted upon immediately so do not hesitate the next time you receive one, stop what you are doing, and contact that person. Good luck.



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