Don’t Forget to Pay Your Tax bill!

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Tax bill! - lead generation

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Tax bill!

It’s January and many businesses are getting ready for their annual tax return. If you’re an accountant then we feel for you. It must be a very busy month back right after the Christmas break each year.


But it’s doubtful you can really forget to pay your tax bill as HMRC will be right on your case with reminders via emails and text messages.


Reminders really work, don’t they?


It’s useful too, when you think about it. Without reminders, essential tasks in your business (like paying tax) might well get forgotten. You’re busy and you have a lot to think about.


Paying your TAX bill might not be the top of your list of favourite things to do, but thanks to the HMRC reminders you pay it.


Following up on your leads is just as important though. Following up of the very life blood of your business is essential for growth.


So how will you remember to do that?



Your CRM can help with that…

Every time you meet a new person, get an enquiry or lead, you’ll have things you need to do to convert them into a sale.


You’ll have to call them, email them, follow up with them, send them a proposal, remind them you exist, follow up, call them, email them and then if you convert them you’ll need to be reminded about the work you need to do or the products you need to supply.




It’s tough trying to remember all those things. And that’s just for one person or business!


Having a CRM helps you stay on track of it all and makes sure you don’t miss out on valuable business.



Working through tasks is the best way to work.


If you have a focused list of tasks and jobs to do, you can be satisfied at the end of day by reviewing the work you’ve achieved. And you can plan for tomorrow.


A CRM like SalesRadar can really help you with this.


Within each contact you can set tasks that you need to complete for them. This could include following up, calling them, sending a proposal, or whatever you need to do for them right now.


Each client or lead will of course be at a different stage of the sales process, so having each contact in your CRM really helps you manage them all without forgetting anyone.


You can send a proposal to one and then move along seamlessly to following up with another. Your brain simply isn’t built to do this, so a system like a CRM can really help you.


To dos

To do lists are very popular and we’re certain that when the HMRC send you a reminder letter to pay your TAX return, they will go reluctantly to the top of the ‘important and urgent’ to do list!


But how would you build a to do list for all of your leads and customers in one place? Do you know what you need to today? Or will you just wing it? Can you see at the click or tap of a button what you need to do today? If not, your head could get very full and you’re bound to miss something.


A CRM like SalesRadar can give you a list of tasks that you have to complete today, and of course allow you to tick them off when completed or snooze them to another day when you can complete them.


With a CRM, all the contacts can have tasks assigned to them. These tasks are usually dated. This will give you a day-by-day list of tasks that you or a member of your team need to complete for everyone on your system, including those new leads that came in…


… as long as you put them into your CRM, of course!



Another great option on SalesRadar (and other CRMs too) is the calendar option. All your tasks will be automatically populated in here so you’ll have a really good snapshot of your day, week or month and the tasks you need to complete.


It’s effectively a calendar of to dos; an overview of what you need to complete for the week ahead – and it’s a great way of making sure you don’t forget anyone (even the tax man!).



Don’t forget – automate!


Remembering everything that you need to do is tough, and not something your brain is designed to do. It’s one of the main reasons we forget things. Unless they’re really important to us we just seem to let them slip.


A CRM like SalesRadar won’t forget, and it won’t allow you to forget either.


SalesRadar also has the audience feature which gives you the power to create a pre-set list of tasks for a certain type of person or lead. Each time you meet someone or get a sales enquiry, just add them to an audience and SalesRadar will set up tasks, add reminders, and even populate them into your calendar for you right away.


All you have to do is log in, check your task or calendar, and add the human piece of the puzzle to it all. This is the most important part. People buy from people who contact them, remember?


Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

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