Are You a Creature of Habit with Your Sales and Marketing?

Are You a Creature of Habit with Your Sales and Marketing?

Are You a Creature of Habit with Your Sales and Marketing?

Building a business or even keeping it where it is requires a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be hard work though (as working smartly is what you should be doing) but it clearly takes a lot of work over time.


When you’re looking at any business, the marketing you do and then the sales thereafter are the lifeblood of a business. Actually they’re more like the oxygen the business breathes in, aren’t they?


Sales and marketing bring in the business you need to stay afloat or grow, and you’ll need a system to help that along.


We think it’s fair to say that you most likely have a pretty good idea where your leads come from, and you may well have a good idea where you should go right now to grow your business and to convert interested leads.


It’s also fair to assume that you’re probably going about your marketing and sales the same way as you did last year. You have ways of doing things, and no matter how small or unofficial they are, hopefully they bring you new business.


We suspect that as you’re dealing with humans who need to say yes that what works for you, may well work for others too.


When all is said and done, we humans are creatures of habit, so what ticks our boxes may vary at the top level, but deep down we’re making decisions based on feelings and trust and that will never change.


So you could approach most of your following up, most of your marketing, and nearly all of your sales with the same system. Build it once, apply it hundreds or thousands of times with minor personal tweaks.


Following up, making sales calls, and marketing en masse isn’t a dream – it’s all possible. The best bit is, once you get it working – you can get a team to do it for you and work on your business instead! That’s the really exciting bit.


Building touch points

When it comes to marketing and then following up with your customers and clients, it’s all down to slow, purposeful and consistent action. Once is never enough with this process and research shows that touch points in your marketing and following up can often move into double figures. Research suggests most sales take between seven and 13 touch points.


You need to build up these touch points. Touch points are messages, calls, ads engagements, communications and times when your product or service is noticed. To get someone to notice it, trust it and buy it can be anywhere from 5 – 20 touchpoints depending on where your lead is at on the scale.


Many prospects don’t buy simply because they don’t get enough touches. How can you be better than that?


Most of your follow-up could be automated

It’s a big task to follow up and market at the same time. It’s a big ask for you or a member of your team to remember all this information. A CRM is the perfect way to manage it. Each time you engage with someone or make a call or email, simply record it in your CRM and then set a reminder to follow up with them again in the near future.


Simple and effective, and you’ll be able to easily manage 100s of leads in one go; all of them at different stages of your customer journey.


Making it human

Automating the process is fine but a CRM could help you make sure it’s more human. Automating reminders to ‘check in’ with leads or dropping them a bespoke email or even picking up the phone makes sure you stay human. In a world of bots and Ai the world is crying out for attention from real people. Use automation to help the humans do their thing!


Tasks and reminders can help you build more human connections en masse with a record of where you’re at with your leads and what you said to them last time.


Scale up and outsource

Once you have a good system in place that you’ve tried and tested and you know works, you can get some help in. At first, when you set up your business, you do it all yourself, but when you grow (or if you want to grow) you need to get a team in to do the small tasks to allow you time to do the higher value stuff.


Handing over processes and systems on how you do the little stuff gives your expertise and proven systems to others who can follow your plan. You can then concentrate on other areas knowing you need an overview of the work of following up and sales call or whatever you pass on. Systemising your business is essential to growth. It’s no good having everything in your head!


Audiences make it simple

One of the core systems of SalesRadar is the Audience. Audiences are pre-set processes that you assign to contacts. One of the popular ones is the 120 networking follow up. This is a set of tasks with time delays to give you a proven way to passively follow up with connections first made at networking events (or wherever you choose).


You simply add people you’ve met at networking into SalesRadar and then add them to your chosen audience. Then, all your tasks that relate to that audience are added to the contact and the time delays on them too.


This allows you to follow up passively with 100s of people consistently and constantly.


Of course, you can build your own audience too!

Got a system that works for your business already?


Maybe there’s a process you follow each time someone shows an interest in your service or product?


It could be the one in your head.


Why not create an Audience for it? Then each time you get a lead, or a sale, or a website enquiry, you simply add them to your CRM and apply the audience so your system will be automated to remind you (or ideally someone else) to take them through your funnel or sales journey.


Just imagine how simple it would be to create all the important funnels, calls, touch points and scripts that work and add them into your CRM for someone else to nurture until you’re needed to convert them.


Just imagine creating all this for someone to nurture and then someone to convert. How great would that be?


With SalesRadar audiences you can do all that. You have all the experience and systems already, we just built the software to make it easy for you to do or outsource.


Whatever you do or however you do it, get it out of your head and into a system. Systemising a business makes it leaner, faster and more efficient and also far easier to step away from and get others in while you grow it and push it on.


If you need help getting this in place with SalesRadar then please do get in touch and we’d be very happy to help you.


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