Creating and Making Time for Follow-ups and Conversions in Your Business

Creating and Making Time for Follow-ups and Conversions in Your Business

Creating and Making Time for Follow-ups and Conversions in Your Business

The right systems and processes can transform your business when they’re set up effectively. Automation and cloud-based platforms make simple tasks more efficient so if this isn’t something you’re already doing, now is a good time to get started.


That’s why we created SalesRadar. Our CRM is simply designed to help you convert more business and stay on top of tasks like following up, quoting, converting, and staying in contact with your leads and customers.


But like any great system, it’s only as good as the people using it, the information you feed in, and of course the time you spend using it.


You could buy the best walking boots in the world but if you don’t plan your walk you end up lost and they become useless.


Let’s talk about time. We all have the same amount each day, but some people definitely seem to get more done than others. Using tools like SalesRadar can certainly make you more efficient but if you don’t find – or should that be create – the time to use it, it’s not going to help you.


Your CRM needs your time


So you need to create the time. In the inspirational book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary W Keller, the idea of Einstein time is mentioned. Einstein suggested that we don’t have time – we are time, meaning that we create it; we’re not given it.


It’s interesting (and slightly mind-blowing) to think about time as something we create, but when you think about it – we really do!


Just reading this blog is taking your time – it’s using your time. You’re spending time on this content, reading and learning, instead of doing something else. Hopefully this investment of time will pay off for you. It’s your choice, and much of what you do in life and in business will be down to you. How fast and efficiently you complete each task and who you get to help you do it all creates time.


Are you working on creating enough of it to get to your CRM? Are you logging in and working on the follow-ups, the tasks, the outreach that you know will grow your business?


Block out your time

Gary Keller also talks about time blocking in his book, The One Thing. He blocks time out of his diary to get stuff done, and he achieves it. Blocking out sections of your diary so you can get to your CRM is a great way to ensure you’ll convert more sales and grow your business.

At first it will feel strange to block out loads of time to simply work through your CRM, but the results will speak for themselves if you keep doing it. If you’re networking, using social media, and getting enquiries on the phone, email, or from your website and you’re consistently adding all that to your CRM then you’ll reap the rewards of time blocking to log in.


Put tasks in chosen days and times, not random ones


A really good way to make all this work better for you is to set the tasks for your contact to be themed so that you’re not flitting around from one task to another. Maybe you schedule follow-ups for Tuesday, check-ins with current customers for Wednesday, and then working on colder leads on a Thursday.


Whatever tasks and processes you have it makes sense to have a block of the same types of tasks to go at in your time-blocked session. Moving from one type of task to another can often take a little longer and thus becomes a less efficient use of your time.


Make a commitment to log in daily


A really great way to stay on top of your tasks and customers is to log in daily to your CRM and tend to your sales funnel like a cherished garden. Little and often is certainly more manageable and more efficient than leaving it all to build up and having to take a day out to tidy up and sort all your incomplete tasks. If you don’t hop on regularly you’ll probably miss the hot leads too.


Can you commit to logging into your CRM daily? How much time would you need? When would be the best time for you to do this?


A CRM is only as good as the time you create for it


Make a commitment right now to organise the time you spend on nurturing your customers and leads with your CRM.


Logging in daily as one of your business rituals will keep you so much more on top of your sales funnel and ensure that you don’t miss that hot lead under a heap of incomplete less important tasks and notifications.


A simple way to do this would be to log in in the morning and complete the tasks before heading into any meetings, work or networking. If that doesn’t suit (we’re not all morning people, are we?) then change that around and work on them after lunch, or as the last job of the day. Just be aware that calling people while they’re out of the office over lunch may not be as productive for you.


Whatever works for you, go for it. But make sure you create the time to do it. Your business will flourish if you do.



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