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How Christmas could deliver the client of your dreams

How Christmas could deliver the client of your dreams


The Christmas trees are up in many a household and at least for some their attention is turning to Christmas and thoughts of Santa, turkey and unwinding after another hectic year.

Whilst this is understandable, and don’t get us wrong, we at SalesRadar love the festive season as much as everyone, it can be used as an excuse for not working to capacity and letting opportunities slip.

If you are running your own business or involved in sales, you have no doubt heard the excuses: “I can’t get hold of anyone,” or “They are all off on holiday.”

Perhaps you have used them yourself – giving yourself a chance to coast out the rest of the year.

But the run up to Christmas is a long time. If you take your foot of the pedal in the first week of December because your clients and prospects are difficult to reach, you’ve given up on a full month of the year.

But success in business means giving it that extra push when others accept the easy excuses, you don’t need to!

Of course, it’s true that some of your would be dream clients are going to be taking time off during the holidays. And, also before they leave, they are going to try to mop up all of the commitments they have made, making them hard to pin down for an appointment.

But that’s only a small percentage. There will be others still available, and they will have lighter workloads, than at any other time of the year.

After all, if they are still working they will likely have more free time to meet or chat with you and if they are changing providers, December and New Year always sparks change, improvement, and solving old problems.

So, while your competitors are ready for the panto, spend your time calling on those dream clients that you spent all year nurturing.

After all, you know the names of the clients that you want to work with because they will hopefully be in your SalesRadar portal, so make a list of them and then write a plan of how to manage these relationships NOW and in 2017.

Think about how to approach them – nurture these relationships and think creativity about how you reach out, so you’ll be in their mind when they are thinking about someone with your product or service.

Don’t just put your feet up for the last few weeks of the year. Investing in this time could turn out to make sure 2017 a great one for you.


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