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Can Social Media Really Help My Lead Generation?

Can Social Media Really Help My Lead Generation?

This guest blog is brought to you by Todd from Spaghetti Agency, the Social Media Cowboy,


Social media is no longer a buzz-word – it’s an essential part of life. With many businesses and brands making the most of this incredible tool, the likes of Tesco, Skyscanner, and Innocent are really making a splash with social noise for their brand.


But can it help your lead generation? Like really help?


I mean, social media is great fun and helps people find out about you – but how does that fit into lead-gen? And how can you make the most of it?


Social Media and Lead Generation – It’s Before, During and After the Sale.


To answer the question, we need to delve into social media further than just the surface.


Social media isn’t just likes and retweets. It’s more than simply metrics and hashtags. Social media means way more than fans followers and connections.


Social media is conversation… and that IS lead generation.


When you think about lead generation and gaining new business for your company it all starts from a conversation of some kind. So, here’s how to use social media to drive that conversation and your lead gen before, during and after.



Before – Build Your Conversation and Awareness


Gaining new customers is all about sales and marketing. Marketing can (and should) come in many forms. Letting people know about you now takes on average 6-8 touchpoints (although in this busy world it could be more and will probably increase over time).


You need to be making the right noise in the right places to attract the attention of your customer. Social media is a great way to do this.


By creating useful, engaging, provocative, educational, attention-grabbing content for (or on) social media, you’ll stand in good stead to build a strong audience of people who know, like and trust you and your business.


You certainly need to put yourself in the right places to be seen by others who are interested in you and are likely to share your content too.


Content can be anything from a blog post on LinkedIn to a video on Twitter or an ad on Facebook. Look at your audience and see where they are and create content for them there. New platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories are now very popular and you should always be looking to creating content for these new and exciting channels if they suit your brand or business and make sense to your audience.


But how can you generate leads from these conversations?


A few simple ways would be:


  • Share a landing page with a free giveaway to capture data.
  • Share your eBook.
  • Create great blogs and share them on social, creating conversation, and link back to your landing page or email list.
  • Put your email sign-up on all your social media profile.
  • Join in Twitter chats and online conversation on groups on LinkedIn or Facebook.


As with all these ideas, they work to merely start the conversation.


You must have your social media (and your website) set up to take on new leads simply, quickly and in a very obvious way! Don’t make people work for that place on your email list or database.


Social media starts the conversation… you just need to make sure you’re ready to follow it up.


During and After – Keep Engaging


Just because you won your customer doesn’t mean you can stop (or not start) engaging with them on social media. When you have someone who’s already buying from you, you have a perfect chance to convert more customers by using this fan as a lead generation tool.


Let me explain…


You’re more likely to sell more to your existing customers than you are to new ones. It’s easier to up-sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Although it goes against lead generation as a topic – it’s cheaper to get business from your own customer base!


That’s because you have trust. And trust is a powerful marketing tool. You can use this for lead generation of new customers through social media, though.


We wear branded T-Shirts at Spaghetti Agency. We buy them from Clothes2Order.


Clothes2Order are very good brand and company and their product is excellent. We buy all our branded gear from them because the customer service is great and the experience is second to none. Plus their website is really easy to use and we can order online.


So they don’t need to be social with me, right? I’m already buying from them?




I’m a very happy customer and it makes total sense to use me to sell to others. Whenever they send me new branded gear they also put a simple cardboard cut-out T-shirt in the parcel. It tells me how to care for my product and thanks me for the order… but it also has this:


“Happy with your order? Let us know.”


Then they tell me exactly where they want me to let them know – on social media (and they put the exact links too!)


This makes me share it. I’m happy, I’m on social media, I tell all my audience how great they are.


Does it work? YES! I’ve referred about five or six people personally to Clothes2Order and I’ve seen countless others ‘Like’ them on Facebook or check them out on Twitter.


It’s clever because it’s simple, and uses the old psychology of ‘peer recommendation’.


Dr Robert Cialdini talks about peer recommendations in his book “Influence – The Phycology of Persuasion”. We trust our friends and colleagues more than a marketer or an advert or a business we’ve never heard of.


Clothes2Order use this influence perfectly by getting me to share their message with my friends. I’m giving a peer recommendation.


(They also do it by helping me first with their care guide and then asking me to share on social – but that’s a whole other blog post!)


Recently I had some banter on Twitter with Clothes2Order about the number of people I’ve been sending their way.


Due to my networking efforts, my blue Spaghetti T-Shirts have been seen around a lot and people I meet ask me where I got them.


I told Clothes2Order (on Twitter) that I wanted something in return. Because we have a Wild West theme to our branding I asked for a branded cowboy hat. They don’t make them and I’ve been after one for ages! I wanted one, but they don’t offer them…


… until now!


Clothes2Order not only sourced and embroidred a cowboy hat but they then tweeted me this awesome video. They created the perfect storm for some more social activity from me with this great tweet:


Not only is it very cool, but it makes me feel special as a customer as it’s VERY personal.


Naturally I shared this on social media… and then someone who follows me ordered some branded gear! It works… you just need to start doing it.



Social Media Helps You Gain and Keep Customers…


It will help you find new customers and conversation around your niche or business and it will help you stay engaged in a very public way to your existing audience.


Lead generation for your business comes in many forms and social is really only one of them but use it together with the rest of your marketing and you’re onto a winner.


Look at that example I used there. How can you engage with your current audience so that they help you find more of them?


You’re more likely to listen to your friends and family and you’ll use the builder your neighbour used, because you can see how good they were.


Never forget this with your business. Using social media in this way – rather than to ram your sales point down the throats of your audience – is when social really REALLY gains you some great interest, traffic and leads.


Of course you need to have a good system like SalesRadar to back it up. We have an email list which is way more important than our social followers. Building your list and your customer base should be high on your priority but social will give you a serious boost to that building.


Social media: it’s more than a few pokes and sharing your dinner. Build your audience and engage with your current customers on social. The world is watching!


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