Business Card Scanning App
Automate your data capture by downloading our business card scanning app for Apple and Andriod devices
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Andriod App

Available to download from the Google Play store.

Take a Picture

Simply take a picture of the business card and we’ll handle the rest.


Cards are transcribed and checked by a human for optimum accuracy

Apple iOS App

Available to download from the Apple App Store.

Business Card Scanner for Apple & Android Devices

Create Contacts

Turn your business cards into SaleRadar contacts just by taking a picture.

Add Tags

Create tags your contacts and opportunities for easy reporting later

Processed by a Human

All cards are checked and transcribed by a human for optimum accuracy

Create Opportunities

Created qualified opportunities directly on your sales pipeline .

Assign Sources

Record the source of your leads and contacts quickly and easily

Select Opportunity Stage

Drop your qualified opportunity directly into the right stage on your sales pipeline

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