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Breaking Your Fear Of Cold Calling

Most of us have at least some distaste of cold calling, and some people I meet have such a overwhelming instinctive and deep-seated fear of cold calling that they can’t even consider doing it.


The fear of cold calling is an agonizing, daily struggle for many business people and salespeople who have been trained in the traditional methods of selling. Traditional sales trainers answer questions about cold calling this way:


  • “Just learn to accept rejection as a normal part of selling.”
  • “All you have to do is make more phone calls.”
  • “All you have to do is think more positive thoughts.”


In other words it’s not your fault that you aren’t successful in sales


It’s Not Your Fault


We can’t help thinking there’s something wrong with us if other people keep telling us that it shouldn’t be a problem, but our own inner feelings tell us that we aren’t comfortable with it.


There’s a sort of “old boys’ club” mentality prevailing in sales in English-speaking countries that says “I had to suffer to succeed in sales, so you must, too!”


This idea comes from old sales methods that continue to be accepted as the normal approach to selling.


What you have to realise though is your fear of cold calling stems from the normal selling methods which triggers rejections


The traditional methods teach us to make calls this way: Introduce yourself, explain what you do, suggest a benefit to the potential customer and then close your eyes and pray that the reply is not “sorry not interested” You will hear replies like this the minute you stop talking, and it’s these rejections that make you feel rejected which in turn cause you to dislike and fear cold-calling


How can cold calling become a positive experience if rejection is the most common response you get?


Are Your Self-Perceptions Passive or Aggressive?


Whenever I talk to salespeople about cold calling they very often tell me that they don’t like cold calling because they don’t want to come across as aggressive. This is another part of the psychological battle, they chastise themselves for being too passive and yet they don’t want to appear as aggressive.


The good news though is that there is a middle ground between being aggressive and being passive without experiencing rejection again, it allows you to be who you are and yet still be effective with cold calling without triggering rejection.


Let your language match your thinking


Use natural words and phrases and speak exactly the way you would with someone you know, let go of that feeling that you have to stick with traditional cold calling scripts and you will find yourself speaking spontaneously using natural language as in any normal conversation.


You will also find that as you let go of the old methods of cold calling you will start to approach potential customers form their perspective instead of yours. Get them to talk about their problems by asking them what their three core problems are that your product or service has solved for them. Make a note of words and phrases that they use when talking about their problems and then use that language in your cold calling approach.


When you change your thinking you will automatically change the language that you use which will help you connect in a more confident positive way with your prospects.


By letting go of the traditional cold calling method and adopting a more natural comfortable way that doesn’t trigger rejection you will pleasantly surprised at how easily you will overcome your fear of cold calling.







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