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To a greater or lesser degree everyone in the organisation impacts on the company’s success or failure. The strategic plan of the board of directors and the CEO provides the strategy for revenue generation. The marketing department provides information regarding the crucial demographic and psychographic customer information which the sale department rely upon for formatting sales and account strategies....

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Cold Calling

The traditional methods teach us to make calls this way: Introduce yourself, explain what you do, suggest a benefit to the potential customer and then close your eyes and pray that the reply is not “sorry not interested” You will hear replies like this the minute you stop talking, and it’s these rejections that make you feel rejected which in turn cause you to dislike...

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Sales scripts

Flexibility in sales is vitally important in developing rapport with a potential customer and gaining their confidence. If you stick to a rigid script, then you’re not being responsive to their concerns, needs and questions. Listening and being empathetic is more difficult for some people than others. But if your success depends on the ability to persuade and influence then it’s a skill well worth...

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Sales Call

Lots of people in business see the telephone as an anvil, that’s how it feels when they pick it up, it’s a chore. This feeling comes from the fear of being rejected. Not many business people are brave enough to put their head over the wall. However those that do will find rich long term rewards for the short term pain they experience....

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