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Sales Tactics

There are so many great sales tactics so why do some sales professionals of today still use the hard sell tactics, which no longer have the same effect. Hard selling is when you go straight to the point and start to try to sell your product without any finesse, without evaluating your customer’s needs. It is simply telling your prospective buyer that he should buy...

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Marketing is not about spending millions of pounds with flashy entertaining ads and commercials; it’s about communicating the right message to the right people. People are looking for your product, service, and or opportunity. If you think you cannot build a business from your home without spending lots of money on advertising, think again....

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trade shows

What happens at the trade show is obviously import to your success, but equally important is what happens after the show ends. This is where most exhibitors drop the ball. Differentiate your company from its peers and maximise the full value from your trade show participation. To truly benefit from all the hard work what went into exhibiting, you must ensure that appropriate follow-up activities...

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Cold Calling

How does the entrepreneur, business owner or sales professional find the time to prospect every day, regardless? The answer is simple, put it in your calendar, schedule time every day for prospecting for new customers. At the scheduled time stop what you are doing and start prospecting. Do not take calls, or work on other projects, do not allow interruptions, simply prospect. ...

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proactive selling

Most of the time, we assume a reactive position with our customers. We “pitch” a statement or benefit over to them and wait for the customer to reply to the statement. Then we react to their response. inatead try asking a proactive question such as "Are you aware of our ………. that we stock?” These questions should be directed to the customer’s specific needs....

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