Does Asking for Sales Make You Feel Awkward?

Does Asking for Sales Make You Feel Awkward?

OK, we admit it. Asking for sales isn’t our favourite past time either. It’s that fear of rejection, isn’t? Being told “no” is often the reason most sales people won’t ask for the sale at all.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone came to you, eh?


But it’s a busy world out there, and if you have a product like we do, that not everyone knows exists or that they need it, inbound leads are going to be tough. So you have to get your product or service out there, and you do have to ask for the sale.


But what if we could make it easier for you? What if sales could change from being awkward to being bearable and even exciting?



A system makes it feel easier

We’ve found that having a system like SalesRadar to remind you to follow up, send that email or make that call takes the scary nature of sales away just a little bit. When you have a system with reminders and tasks to complete, the business of box ticking and getting tasks off your list seems to ease the terrible pain of asking just a little.


Of course, having a system also means you’ll never forget to follow up and nurture that lead, and that makes the whole process so much easier. How many times have you not called a lead because “It’s been ages since we spoke to them” or “I doubt they’d be interested in us now”?


Having a system ensures you keep those leads warm and interested, and that really helps with your sales calls and follow-ups. Honestly.



The more you ask, the easier it gets

When you get into asking for the business and have a system like SalesRadar pushing you along, you really do get better at it. Practice makes perfect, right? When sales calls and follow-ups become part of your routine they do become a less daunting prospect, and you might even begin to grow to like them.


Too soon? OK, well maybe you’ll tolerate them instead, then?


Sales will come when you ask for them, and the more engaged and on board you are with the whole process of asking for the business with the right people, the better. The person on the other end of the phone or over the desk of a meeting is likely to know if you’re squirming in your seat at the thought of asking for money!


Knowing you’re asking at the right time makes it easier

If you could be given a list of people to sell to that already wanted and needed your product or service, that would be easier, wouldn’t it? If you had a ‘hot list of leads’ that you were almost certain to convert, you’d be happier calling those, yes?


Well, with a good sales funnel and visual pipeline you can achieve pretty much this exact scenario. It’s not perfect, we’re dealing with humans here, but it’s closer than that cold set of leads you can buy from the internet!


A visual pipeline lets you see how engaged a lead is with your marketing or sales calls and points of contact. Knowing who to call and when takes the icky out of sales in a big way.



Asking the right people even helps with cold leads 

Can you really sell ice to Eskimos? Really? We’re pretty sure that would be a very tough sell, and we’re sure that selling the wrong product to the wrong people at the wrong time is equally tough.


Who really needs what you have to offer? Have you got a good customer avatar laid out? Do you know where they hang out online and in real life? Do you know their pain and how you solve that with your product or service?


You should…


Knowing your audience and how you can help them should be the place you start from. Then you can attract them with the right marketing and the best messages and then of course keep them interested with more of the same.


With SalesRadar you can find the right companies to start up a conversation with and then add them into a sales pipeline and start the process of wining and dining them. It’s a relationship, after all.


With the radar and a good sales and marketing process you’ll soon have a really good sales funnel that starts to generate sales and hot leads to convert in no time.



Nurturing your prospects can often lead them to ask ‘you’ for the business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you never had to make a sales call or send a ‘buy my stuff’ email again? How great would it be if they just contacted you and said: “Book me in” or “Sign me up”?


Well, with good marketing, targeted touchpoints and good old-fashioned networking and direct mail, you could certainly build strong enough relationships for this to happen. But you can’t forget them. You must keep them engaged and interested and educated in what it is you can help them with. We see all too often when leads are not followed up… and then lost.


Nurturing your leads will get them excited and interested in your product or service from afar. Reading your blogs and emails, watching your videos and hearing you speak at events will further build trust with you. Add to that some targeted ads and the odd freebie along the way and you’re well on your way to getting a “Please can I work with you” rather than asking “Please will you work with us”.


You’ll need a CRM to do it all en masse though. Just saying.


Sales don’t have to be awkward!


There’s another way – the SalesRadar way!


  • Put a system in place to remind you and push you
  • Ask more – it’ll get easier that way
  • Ask for the sale at the right time
  • And with the right people
  • It’ll also help you get asked to sell to them if you do it well…



Is creating and converting your ideal audience a challenge?

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